Pyramid of the Lost: Azteca Housing?

The photo above is obviously a quick illustration I put together using three images from J. Todd Coleman's Facebook page, but there's some real evidence to the idea that Azteca housing is on the way. Well, to clarify, we know that Azteca housing is in the works, it just might be here sooner than we thought.

You see, not long ago, J. Todd Coleman was nice enough to share the following concept with his Facebook fans.

It looks to be just another location in Azteca. It's certainly built like one. And, like so many of his other concepts, he might have simply left the description blank, but instead, he posted this:

Azteca house interior

If you don't believe me, look for yourself, right HERE. Those three little words spurred some quick excitement. While he didn't answer any questions about whether or not this house would be crafted, bought, or available with a bundle, he did confirm that it was Azteca housing. Furthermore, this large and varied area is only the interior! I'm so ready to see what it looks like outside! The interior appears to have a number of various caves, and a sort of indoor-outdoor clearing in the center. 

One thing that Wizard101 has seen introduced after Dragonspyre is extreme landscape changes. The reason that Celestia and Grizzleheim took so long to release (as so many remember) is that KingsIsle decided that instead of "streets" with a unique center, they're make locations their own entirely. This was probably one of the best decisions they've ever made in my opinion, though others may disagree as I learned through today's discussions in-game.

Anyway, elevation changes came with this new style, and when you see new elements of design in worlds, you see them in housing, too. So now that housing is confirmed, what'll it be called? How is it available? And most importantly, when is it coming? I was wondering these same things. 

Today on Twitter, Jack Dawnsong tweeted the following message:

Is it me or is this indicating a new house?

But that wasn't all he tweeted. He included a picture of his wizard with a loading sign. 

You can click to enlarge that photo. If you look closely, it says "Housing_PyramidOfTheLost-WorldData 1%." If this house were already to be in existence, Jack would not have encountered this loading, as the house would have already loaded with the others.

I did a couple of quick searches for "Pyramid of the Lost" in Wizard101, but found nothing. It isn't a location. So it must be a house. And, unless they're releasing another $39 bundle soon (which is completely possible), I'd guess that thus Pyramid of the Lost is an Azteca house.

Drawing that conclusion, we can assume that the house is already being put together in-game as we speak... or as you read, rather. In fact, maybe a KingsIsle worker was nearby and was already testing the house. 

Thinking realistically, however, the Test Realm would probably be used to introduce the housing, as KingsIsle has begun to consider even housing a major update. And the Test Realm just closed. Not many people have had a chance to make it through Azteca yet. I know I'm still questing.

Just remember my predication! Clearly readers should be concerned with my physic powers and not the world of Azteca. In all seriousness, though, I'm looking forward to Azteca housing, especially considering the fact that I've got an Addition Castle Space Elixir sitting in my gift window.

On a half-related note, tomorrow begins one of my newest post series: My Azteca Journal. My adventures will be outlined in these posts, but in a slightly new way, with some creative twists. Additionally, I'll note tips, tricks, and notes to anyone who will read them (including myself in the future) for bosses and questing. My hope is that you'll find it entertaining and helpful. I've also got to announce the winner of 10,000 crowns! That is one its way as well.

You've heard me ramble on - all that's left is your take. Excited for Azteca housing? Is this a sign that it's on its way?

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Jack Dawnsong for allowing me to use the photo he posted on Twitter!


  1. Interesting about that loading thing. Were you in Ravenscar? Because when I was questing there is had the loading circle saying: "bells_ sleigh_mount". Now I wonder what our Holiday (Christmas) mount will be ;).

  2. Nice post! I'm SO ready for Azteca housing though I hope its NOT in another bundle. Not all of us can buy (or win) the bundles so I'm really hoping that this new AZ housing will be available in the Crown Shop for gold :) Interested in seeing what you're experiences have been, so far, in Azteca ;)

  3. I LOVE how you are always looking deeper into things and showing us the hidden meanings. Keep up the great blog.

    1. I'm glad someone appreciates that - thank you! :)


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