The Adventure Continues!

Now that I'm "back on my feet" and in "recovery mode," I'm ready to get going again! However, that hadn't been the only thing putting my Pirate101 journey at a standstill. Fortunately, after the announcement of the $60 60,000 crown sale, I was all set to get going again - and I'm ready for some pirating!

While I'm off in far-away worlds firing a musket at all sorts of creatures between bits of Azteca, I figured I'd give you a heads-up for what's coming to Swordroll's Blog in the next week involving Pirate101!

My Adventures - I'll be filling you in on my time in the Pirate101 side of the Spiral, sharing quest experiences, as well as tips and tricks for my current battles. 

Plea From A Blogger - In this feature post, I'll be stressing the importance of "Ctrl+G." I'll make an argument as to why its use should be allowed in battles (it currently is not).

I've also got two or three major post series on the way, but I can't clue you in on those just yet!

Meanwhile, if you yourself aren't slinging guns and swinging swords, you can check out some of the areas of the Pirate101 website that you might not normally visit, but that are definitely worth taking a peek at.

First, there's the Fan Fiction section - located HERE. I myself don't usually keep up with Fan Fiction, but some of it is definitely worth reading. And did you know, our (our being the blogging community) very own D.S. Devereaux of Destiny's Travels has been published there? Check out her work!

Another great area is the Fan Art page! You can find it HERE. There are some really great artists out there! And who doesn't love pieces like AluraRB's Pirate Gangnam Style featured in the Tradewinds Tribune?

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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