Wizard101 Shadow Trickster Quest & Spell

Ever since updates were recently applied to the game, people are flooding into the Shadow Scholar's room in the Arcanum, a previously locked door with a new quest for a new spell. There was no announcement of the new quest, so whether this was a surprise addition or an accidental release, we aren't sure.

A Mysterious Quest

I was initially alerted to the Shadow School when Fallon Fireblade shared an image of wizards running about in the room. Velma Von Venkman, an NPC previously involved in Arcanum-related story quests, is the scholar who offers the new quest. 

Velma has located a new shadow spell, and all you need is some shadow essence, which can be won from the Shadow Trickster. She conveniently opens a portal right in the room for you. 

This quest would seem to be a bonus side quest likely similar to others released in the past, but its subject matter has an odd relation to the storyline. Velma discusses Ione's distrust of you and the lack of understanding of shadow magic and its importance that the other Arcanum scholars are experiencing. 

The Shadow Trickster

This latest boss is quite an oddity. Located in Darkmoor, the Shadow Trickster is after the price on your head evidently put out by Grandfather Spider (thanks for sending us, Velma).

The Shadow Tricker is a rank 17 shadow boss with 9800 health. He appears to cheat by taking his regular turn in addition to casting the Trick spell which you will eventually learn, stealing your pips. This can make casting expensive spells tough, but one good shot with a well-planned shadow spell can do the trick. 

This battle appears to be intended to be a solo battle, but it's bugged, and multiple people may enter and join your duel in the process. It's definitely able to be completed alone, though, so don't despair if no one shows up.

Trick Spell

Once you've completed the quest, Velma will allow you to train the Trick spell. This one is a little bit odd as it's not a quest reward (there are no rewards for the quest), but is available via a separate train option on Velma. It shows up before completion of the quest but cannot be trained until after you have finished.

The spell costs no pips and simply steals one of your opponent's pips. Unlike the Shadow Trickster's cheat, it does not seem to damage the enemy or remove multiple pips.

Have you tried battling the Shadow Trickster?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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