Top 10 Wizard101 Music Themes

Wizard101 is full of music and musical moments. There are around 100 different pieces used in worlds across the Spiral, with additional music for key moments in later worlds. I'll be taking a look at the best music pieces you can hear around the Spiral in Wizard101.

You've probably heard most of the music a thousand times over on a loop during your farming ventures and questing throughout different worlds, but when you separate the music from the sound effects and the distractions of battle, something magical can happen. I encourage you to listen to these tracks again, with a good pair of headphones, maybe, to catch all of the intricacies of each one.

All of these music pieces were composed by the talented Nelson Everhart, with the exception of "Doom of Hrundle Fjord," which was composed by Nick Jonas.

Honorable Mention: The Arcanum

(Arcanum Theme)

The Arcanum is a mystical place said to be beyond the Spiral. We've gotten a few space-type themes from our visit to Celestia, but the Arcanum Theme is truly otherworldly. While it's very atmospheric and doesn't distract from our visits to the first non-world in the world gate, it has some key moments that make it that much more interesting. 

Honorable Mention: Atlantea Theme

(Aquila Atlantea Theme)

For me, the Atlantea Theme is something a little bit different than we've heard previously. It fits well with Aquila and yet it's a great stand-alone theme that feels like it could really be fleshed out into a world all its own. It has a sense of whimsy and adventure with a hint of danger. The second half of the track is my favorite bit.

#10 Grandfather Spider

(Mirage Spider Speaks Theme)

This is one of the heaviest tracks we've heard, probably because it's only been used for cutscenes rather than background music. It's intense and perfect for a first-world being. I hope we'll be hearing more as we continue tracking Grandfather Spider in arc 3.

#9 Doom of Hrundle Fjord

(HFjord Main Theme)

KingsIsle kept us guessing as to who Wizard101's mystery composer was for Wintertusk, and they didn't disappoint with Nick Jonas. There are a number of great themes in this Grizzleheim expansion, but the main theme stands out as having a variety of strong elements.

#8 Malistaire Finale

(Dragonspyre Theme 4)

I remember when Wizard101 first launched Dragonspyre. It was the end of the first arc, and the final dungeon, at that time requiring at least three people to simultaneously active crystals (it's gone through quite a few changes), was an epic showdown through the Great Spyre. This music is an example of an excellent epic villain theme. 

#7 The Last Wood

(Khrysalis Last Wood Theme)

There's no doubt that Khrysalis has some of the best music in the Spiral. The overall theme was well-executed across the world. You can hear a softer version of several chords in the Bastion theme here. Last Wood is nearly the finale of Khrysalis Part 1, and nothing says "upcoming danger" quite like this theme.

#6 Khrysalis Showdown

(Khrysalis Shadow Combat Theme)

Combat themes in Wizard101 tend to get old quickly because they're reused so often on every single battle. In some of the more recent worlds, they've been changing it up with multiple combat themes. This one in particular is reserved for some of the most exciting Khrysalis battles, including Morganthe, and it's truly epic.

#5 Bastion

(Khrysalis Bastion Theme)

It's unfortunate that this theme changes upon completion of Khrysalis (though it's a cool mechanic that it does), but at least the music scroll is available for purchase. This sets the stage for a world full of battling friends and foes, with a distinct Redwall vibe. While appropriate for the mice inhabitants, it also captures the darker side of Khrysalis.

#4 Morganthe

(Khrysalis Shadow Palace Theme)

This dark and bass-heavy track with the choral elements is one-of-a-kind. As finale themes go, this is pretty solid. There are elements in the piece that sound like a fast-beating heart, which is exactly what you're going to experience while attempting those double cheating bosses before the showdown with Morganthe.

#3 Boris

(Khrysalis Boris Theme)

This is another very different track. While matching the Khrysalis vibe, it also goes perfectly with Khonda Desert. Besides being totally unique, it feels like something straight out of an intense Shoot 'Em Up style drama.

#2 Ravenscar

(Grizzleheim Theme 1)

Anyone who did much gold farming back in the day is very familiar with the Coven. They're the star villains of both Grizzleheim and also play an active role in Wintertusk. Approaching the Citadel in the Glacial Wastes is epic enough, but with the addition of this clearly Nordic theme, the stage is set for a big finale.

#1 Twin Giants

(Azteca Mountain Theme)

This is perhaps my favorite piece of composing from either Wizard101 or Pirate101. It's intense and emotional without the need to be quick-paced. The beginning is probably the most compelling part, with strong elements present throughout. There's a strong sense of impending doom as you approach the meteor that will eventually destroy the entire world.

What's your favorite piece of music in Wizard101?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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