Wizard101 Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet Bundle

Wizard101 Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet

Wizard101's newest bundle is the Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet. This Celestia-themed gauntlet bundle contains a new fishing adventure with many goodies to be won, plus some impressive new items. Check out all the details, from the inner workings of the gauntlet to the stats of the gear and wand tiers!

Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet Overview

Wizard101 Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet
Location Sold: Walmart
Cost: $39
- Fantastic Voyage Expedition
- Shark Skirunner Mount
- Peppy Porpoise Pet
- Abyssal Warrior's Suit
- Abyssal Eel Whip
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Fantastic Voyage Expedition

The Fantastic Voyage Expedition is the gauntlet included with the bundle that is a four-battle dungeon ending in a rather nasty cheating boss if you in unprepared. The trick is to kill him all in one hit, as he loves to use shields on himself and the minions, and will cast an 80% shield of the school he was hit with if he is attacked and survives.

At the end of the gauntlet, you get a free 33% fishing luck increase elixir and access to fishing on the remote island of Data Atoll, where you'll presumably be able to catch the Microfish once the bundle is officially announced. You also receive the Fantastic Voyager badge for successful completion of the gauntlet, and you'll be able to bypass the quest and return and fish in the future if you wish. Once entering, simply look for the fishing supplies off to the left and click on it to go fishing.

Here's an overview of what to expect.

Battle 1: Squidlings (Click to Show/Hide)

Battle 2: Squidlings (Click to Show/Hide)

Battle 3: Troglodytes (Click to Show/Hide)

Battle 4: Dewey (Click to Show/Hide)

Shark Skirunner Mount

I am really pleased with the mount in this bundle. It's not as small and compact as some of the other shark mounts or mounts in general as of late, but it isn't so massive that it takes up your screen like some of the birds and past pack mounts. It provides a 50% speed boost without any additional stat enhancements.

Wizard101 Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet

Peppy Porpoise Pet

Wizard101 Fantastic Voyage GauntletBundle pets are always pretty unique, and this one is no exception. Life wizards may find the Peppy Porpoise particularly useful, as it offers a Lifespear card at Baby. First-generation versions of this pet appear to automatically learn the "Sword and Shield" may cast talent at teen. With three epic talents in its starting pool and a beginning pedigree of 69, this pet isn't too shabby! As with any bundle pet, it can be hatched in the Hatchery.

Abyssal Warrior's Suit & Eel Whip

The gear with this bundle is unique. In terms of looks, it seems to be a cross between lower-tier Darkmoor gear and the Atlantea bundle set. For a bundle set, the gear stats are surprisingly viable, if only as pieces in other sets. The robe works well as a tanking piece and the boots are perhaps the most universal. The top tier of gear is shown here, with a video of all tiers below.

Wizard101 Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet

All three gear pieces give unique spells (two of each). The hat comes with Dragonlance, a 2-pip Balance spell that provides a 35% damage blade and 10% piercing blade to yourself only. The robe gives a Double Steal Ward, and the boots give Double Cleanse Charm. The wand, like many as of late, seems to sacrifice too many other stats in favor of pip conversion chance, which has not yet been deemed a very important stat. The animations are pretty stellar, though! 

Will you be buying the Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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