Top 5 Pirate101 Music Themes

Pirate101 has a little over 30 different music pieces played as background elements, but countless more sound effects and musical moments, particularly during player and companion critical attacks. I'll be taking a look at the best music pieces you can hear around the Spiral in Pirate101.

You've probably heard most of the music a thousand times over on a loop during your farming ventures and questing throughout different worlds, but when you separate the music from the sound effects and the distractions of battle, something magical can happen. I encourage you to listen to these tracks again, with a good pair of headphones, maybe, to catch all of the intricacies of each one. 

All of these music pieces were composed by the talented Nelson Everhart.

Honorable Mention: Tierra Primata

(Monquista Theme 1)

I am one of the few pirates who really loved Monquista, but there's no arguing that the music is great. This theme is soft and calm. It's a perfect mood for Monquista.

#5 The Machine

(Valencia Aragon Theme)

Our introduction to Valencia is short, but there is a very complex relationship between the elegance and history of Valencia and the destruction and Darkness of the Machine that we come to understand very quickly. This theme is a great balance of both, and its clockwork sounds set the world up perfectly.

#4 Sivella

(Valencia Theme 2)

This theme is used in a few locations in Monquista, but will be most well-recognized from Sivella. Sivella is the primary location in which our first Valencia encounters take place. We get to see the elegance of Valencia, captured perfectly here.

#3 Big Sky

(Cool Ranch Tribal Theme)

How do you combine the soft tribal themes present in locations throughout Big Sky with the loud and booming trumpet sounds that dominate the rest of Cool Ranch? In this relaxing, well-balanced theme. Cool Ranch is such a long world full of action and excitement, and this track is a great contrast.

#2 Flotsam

(Skull Island Theme 1)

There's a lot of nostalgia to this theme, not just because it's one of the early pirate-type music pieces we encounter in the game, but also because it was a big part of the first Pirate101 trailer that came with the announcement of KingsIsle's second game. 

#1 Westminster Skyway

(Marleybone Theme 4)

Unlike Pirate101's Mooshu, its version of Marleybone got its own soundtrack, and it's probably one of the best between both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Marleybone's Skyway theme is a favorite not only of mine, but of many players.

What's your favorite piece of music from Pirate101?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!
Videos courtesy of Adrian Silver.

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