Twelve Wizard Getaways for the Anti-Social

It's the perfect time of year to get away in the Spiral. A little vacation never hurt anybody. Around here, though, we prefer to avoid the tourist traps, the beggar hangouts, and, well, sometimes people in general. We all know to steer clear of Wu realm, but here are twelve other spots you can go for a little peace and quiet.

The Senate

If you're typically in over your head, Celestia is a good place to start. Stop writing angry letters to your congresspeople and just show up instead. Don't worry, you don't have to talk to anyone, just yell angrily until both sides are hopelessly deadlocked and you'll fit right in. Furthermore, if you do try to talk, expect everyone to ignore you, then disagree with whatever it was you said. But hey, the pay sure is good in this sink-or-swim Celestian getaway.

Water Mole Village

Let's be honest, there's no better spirit animal for you than a Water Mole, and this is your village. Here you can avoid the main beaches with those low-level noobs and annoying fisherpeople in blissful seclusion, and with a few fishing opportunities of your own. Do avoid the living waterfall... once he strikes up a conversation, you're bound to be there all day.

Kembaalung Village

Get away from the heat of summer in this secluded mountain paradise. Whether you're traveling alone or with a friend (but we both know it's alone), feel free to stop by the Pagoda of Harmony to deal with any disagreements or the Hollow Mountain for your hollow soul. Stone cold like your heart, there's plenty of opportunity for ice-solation. I know, I'll be going now.

Cave of Solitude Rock Platforms

Nothing like a little alone time with some stone to lift your spirits. Right next the Tainted Forest, Cave of Solitude is your two favorite things: caves and solitude. When you've hit rock bottom, try meditating on these platforms with your local Kraken and Water Elemental. All hermits could use a good cave every now and then.


If you're fond of skeletons (not the ones in your closet), this might be the place for you. It's a great representation of your typical emotions, after all: boiling hot lava meets stone-cold ice. You'll be repairing burned bridges (not your relationships, actual burned bridges) and getting into more unnecessary battles than you can count.

Yakhal Mountain Basking Grounds

Listen, there are only two types of people - cat people and people who haven't figured life out yet. Get a glimpse into your future by spending time laying around with your cat(s) now at the Yakhal Mountain Basking Grounds. There's plenty of sun to go around, plus air conditioning! Your location within the mountain keeps you safe from outsiders and as relaxed as you've ever been. It's paw-sitively wonderful.

The Grand Chasm Past

If someone's turned your heart into a personal grand chasm, try holding onto the past with some Dragonspyre time crystals. Clear skies and flowing rivers make for a scenic retreat and the fact that it's an instance (with no battles required to run around) means you'll be able to avoid people completely.

The Library Archives

There's seldom a better place to explore than a good library, especially a dark and lonely one. Steer clear of the Wildclaw, and also all those people that are just there for the free internet. If things get too out of hand, don't worry, there's a therapy cat just outside (he might be the librarian but it's okay).

Ravenscar Roost

If you thought your emotional scars were bad, try one from raven. If you're the ugly duckling of the family or maybe looking to fly the coop, you could kill two birds with one Stone Block (plenty of reagents here) in Ravenscar. Be as free as a bird in this feather-friendly environment.

King's Crypt

If you're reminiscing on your former glory, the tomb of the once great king is a great place to hide yourself away. Dark and cold like your heart, you'll seldom be bothered here. It's a very short part of the storyline quest, and we already know that you're the only one who actually reads the dialogue anyway, so people passing through should be quick. Just hide in the sarcophagus or something.

Vigrid Roughland Waterfall

This natural sinkhole is the perfect place to drown out your ugly emotions. The beauty of the waterfall and the chance of catching the Polar Bear Acuda make it the perfect getaway. Also check out the secluded lookout above the waterfall, for all of those hide-and-seek contests. Yeah... that's what it's for. Plus, the boiling fields are nearby if you happen to be steaming with anger.

Winterdeep Warren

If you're metaphorically lost in life, let's try for physically, too. Let's face it, there's only one way you're going to lose your mother-in-law, and it's in a maze like this one. Life is full of twists and turns, and what better way to embrace them than Winterdeep Warren! Stop by for a spell (or ten from all those accidental battles) and explore.

Where in the Spiral do you go to get away?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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