Wizard101 Wysteria Lore Pack Review

The Wysteria Lore Pack was hinted at in the most recent episode of KI Live, and with the release of the Test Realm changes, this pack has joined the list of updates this morning. There are three enchanting new spells to learn, a new pet to be had, gear to compare, and plenty of furniture for your local hoarder.

Wysteria Lore Pack: What's Inside

The pack contains a variety of Wysteria-themed items, from spells to furniture to pet snacks and more!

Wysteria Pig Spells

I'm glad that in this pack, the spells, at least to begin with, are only available from the pack. This will be to KingsIsle's advantage. While one spell is still glitched and crashes the game, and another attacks the caster instead of the opponent, they're pretty entertaining to watch, and you can train them as per usual, but also get them as may cast abilities on wands. The animations are great and the effects are really quite reasonable, and at a pleasant pip cost of 4. The Life spell seems particularly useful.

See Pigsie, Angry Snowpig, and Ninja Piglets in action in Blaze Lifehammer's video HERE.

Spell Grade: A
The community rates these items as: Great 35% | Good 31% | Average 15% | Poor 19%

Wysteria Lore Pack Hats

The hats in this pack are a little bit interesting. They really aren't bad unless you're sporting some Darkmoor or Exalted gauntlet gear, as they don't include resistance. They're heavy on critical, which is universal on all the items, they include power pip chance, and there's piercing and damage. Not to mention 4% shadow pip chance. Notably, the Death, Life, and Storm version not only has higher piercing than any other school's robe, but their piercing is also universal.

Wysteria Warrior's Armet
Fire / Balance

Wysteria Warrior's Helmet
Ice / Myth

Wysteria Warrior's Warhelm
Death / Life / Storm

Wysteria Lore Pack Robes

The robes from this pack follow a trend KingsIsle has started but that hasn't really caught on where the robes are your primary source of defense, hats are offensive, and boots are a balance. These robes might be able to provide for a decent tanking setup, but my guess is that they'll not likely see play outside of that. Notable here is that there is no Death, Life, and Storm item, it's just a totally universal robe.

Wysteria Warrior's Plate
Fire / Balance

Wysteria Warrior's Cuirass
Ice / Myth

Wysteria Warrior's Armor

Wysteria Lore Pack Boots

As per usual with these newer packs, the boots are probably the most viable for use, though they sacrifice power pip chance for accuracy, something most wizards don't have a problem with between jewels and other gear bonuses. The health offered is definitely impressive, and the resistance and damage is pretty good. The nice stat on these boots is the extra stun resistance.

Wysteria Warrior's Boots
Fire / Balance

Wysteria Warrior's Sabatons
Ice / Myth

Wysteria Warrior's Sollerets
Death / Life / Storm

The boots are a little special because they provide unique cards on each one. A 3-pip AoE is included with any set of boots. Muzzle will reduce enemy damage and accuracy. It's like Loremaster's bonus effects but slightly stronger and to all enemies (minus the damage, of course). This might be a good card for Balance. Only one copy is offered, however. Shockwave stuns the enemy team for a round and removes on shield. Not bad. Malediction adds a -20% damage plague and +20% damage Curse on all enemies. It's one more trap to stack!

Wysteria Lore Pack Wands

The wands in this pack continue to trade off some critical and lots of block in favor of pip conversion chance, though the perhaps 1% chance this item offers in no way offsets what you're giving up. It is once again interesting to note that the Death, Life, and Storm wands get universal critical and pip conversion, which could particularly be useful for Death or Storm wizards who are using Life heals or spells.

Wysteria Warrior's Claymore
Fire / Balance

Wysteria Warrior's Broadsword
Ice / Myth

Wysteria Warrior's Longsword
Death / Life / Storm

Wysteria Gear Grade: B
The community rates these items as: Great 7% | Good 21% | Average 46% | Poor 26%

Pet & Other Items

The most interesting item in this pack outside the gear and spells is the Greenman Sapling pet, affectionately and appropriately deemed the Groot pet by the community. This definitely seems to be a pet worth having, and has some okay talents to start out with.

The rest of the pack is primarily full of old Wysteria items, furniture, snacks and so forth. This pack is absolutely packed with pets and seeds, some of which you may find useful, but many of which you will not. Some packs you buy will consist entirely of these items. 

Other Items Grade: C
The community rates these items as: Great 10% | Good 21% | Average 38%Poor 31%

Pack Analysis

This pack is a big change from the Professor's Hoard, in which you got a new item every single time, not to mention it had quite a variety of gear and new items. This new pack has a lot of filler items, and many packs consist entirely of filler items. There are some new snacks, but none are particularly notable.

Click to enlarge pack-opening samples

You will definitely load up on pet snacks and maybe reagents, but the drop rates here are definitely decent on the new items. Here is the rarity of some items of note.

  • Epic: Wysteria Spells
  • Ultra-Rare: Greenman Sapling Pet, Wysteria Longsword Wands, Robes, some pets
  • Rare: Hats, Boots, new furniture, some pets

The Verdict

This is a pack that might not be for everyone. If you're interested in a particular gear piece, whether for its looks for stats, or you want a spell, give it a try! The Greeman Sapling is a good item to shoot for, but can also be hatched. If you aren't after any of the new spells or aren't one of the required schools to use power pips with them, this might be one you can skip out on.

This pack is above average in quality because of its gear design, pet, and the unique spell animations. However, there are so many filler items that it has watered down the appeal.

Overall Pack Grade: C+
The community rates this pack as: Great 11% | Good 18% | Average 53%Poor 18%

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What are you trying for in the new Wysteria Lore Pack?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Credits: A big thanks to the following individuals for their image contributions - Zachary Silvertalon, Calamity Pixieshade, Iridian Willowglen, and Tasha.

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