Pirate101 Producer's Letter Teases Updates

It's been awhile now since a Pirate101 update, and even longer since the release of the last world. Now, the latest Producer's Letter has teased new updates coming soon to the game. They may include a new skyway and introduce a new way of putting out story updates for the game. Let's take a look.

Long Time, No See

There were only two updates to Pirate101 last year, one being the much anticipated Valencia part 2, and the other including the Dreadnaught and various minor changes. We've now been without so much as a minor update for 11 months, nearly a full year. Now, we're getting peeks at what's to come.

Producer's Hints

We get monthly newsletters at regular intervals, but producer's letters are a rarity. When they do come, they usually include hints, and the latest was no exception. Most notably was the image shown above.

This letter goes further than just hints and outright explains the next stages of the story: Avery wants to make Skull Island an official republic. You, as the player, will work with ambassadors from across the Spiral to make that happen. 

Beyond that, the most recent KI Live confirmed that companions will be able to move and attack for themselves if you desire, there will be a new team up kiosk in a central location, and we're getting free-for-fall ship PvP! It's already shaping up to be a strong update, and the producer's letter makes clear that we've not seen all that it has to offer.

Talk of Polaris

Polaris is essentially everyone's guess for the next Pirate101 world. Besides it being an easy choice with so many Wizard101 assets, there's also the fact that Blind Mew confirmed we'd visit at some point, plus there's a new stormgate to Polaris in the newest Valencian skyway.

The teaser shows ambassadors from Monquista, Marleybone, Polaris, and Valencia. That may mean we're journeying on to a new skyway and a new world, but maybe not for the reasons we expect. The letter does say they want to offer the story in bite-sized chunks, so it's possible we could simply get a little piece of Polaris to explore. However, this image is shown after a mention of new "celebrations far and wide." We also see balloons and presents, indicating a celebration. I have to wonder if this isn't a new story leg, but instead some new celebration quests.

Partial World Updates

This could be part of a new trend for Pirate101, one in which we more frequently get bite-sized chunks as the team tests the waters. It could be good for revenue to spread out the updates, and would have worked nicely in the past. Recall that Pirate101's Marleybone and Aquila became the first ever multi-world update in a KingsIsle game.

If this is indeed a continuation of the main storyline (it'll be tough to say even after it's released without official clarification), I'd keep my eyes out for more updates like this in the future.

What's Next?

Of course we hope there's a new world on the horizon for Pirate. No one is sure where the story will end after Book 15 brought the first arc to an unexpectedly quick and initially unplanned conclusion. We do know that the Armada queen is alive, El Dorado seems to be lost, and it's perfectly possible that the next step is Avery's goal for Skull Island.

What do you think is coming in the update?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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