October Character Update

A lot has happened in the last month across Wizard101 and Pirate101. I don't like to fill you in on adventures that you've probably already experienced anyway, but with so much happening, I decided to keep you up-to-date on my activities in-game with a once-a-month post on my characters!

Gardening Endeavors

With Wizard101's birthday in September, Evil Magma Peas went on sale - 55% off. That was a bigger discount than Plant-A-Palooza, so I took advantage of it and started a couple gardens on my Balance and Ice.

These plants have now reached Elder several times. I've got setups in Red Barn Farms going and five to six likes on each full set. This has been a great supplier of snacks for upcoming pet projects.

My best pet is a pixie with a universal blade card and Spell Proof, Defy, and Fairy. So I'm behind, yes. And with the new Test Realm talents including May Cast Shatter, Enfeeble, Cleanse Ward, and Cleanse Charm, I may want to add a few of those into the mix.

Khrysalis Released to Test Realm

Just as I was remembering my questing in Avalon, my all-time favorite world for both its mechanics and beauty, Wizard101 made an announcement - Khrysalis Part 1 had his the Test Realm!
I don't usually spoil new worlds in the TR (I did with Celestia and Zafaria and they were a huge chore to do again in live - I was still doing Zafaria when Avalon went to Test), but I did want to check out new spells and a few other updates.

I did a post on the new spells and plan to come back and cover other updates over the next few weeks until Khrysalis goes live. At that point, I'll cover the story more in detail and take a better look at what is to come - I've naturally got a lot of speculation and a few ideas. I can't wait to get into those.

Khrysalis, from what I've seen, seems to be a pretty good-looking world. It's full of unique areas, and while it does seem to resemble the rest of the Morganthe worlds to an extent, that's to be a bit expected, and it makes sense.

But Khrysalis is certainly a world all its own. I've seen some very attracted locations. Having not played through it entirely, I can't tell you what I think just yet, but if the areas aren't impressive, someone will be hearing about it from me.

El Cheapo Returns

With the release of Khrysalis, Pirate101 has been a little slow and on the backburner for a lot of us, but I've actually been more active in Pirate lately than usual.
I stopped by the Scurvy Dog Hideout the other day and repeated the El Tiburon battle, unlocking him the Crown Shop. He isn't a great companion, but his massive size and low cost had me hooked. I purchased him as a companion!

I've been working on my Pirate101 Zeke guides (shhh). These are like my Wizard guides - compact and complete. I'm starting with just the first five worlds, which along will require running all over the Spiral collecting 150 images, cropping 50 maps and rendering 50 others, and then scaling and cropping 50 additional item images, all of which have to be uploaded. After that begins the stage I'm currently on - building the HTML. That takes 200 URLs, as well as a number of other interesting elements.

A Bit of Farming Luck

That task has had me running around the Spiral and is what led me to Scurvy Dog Island. But that wasn't the only thing occupying my time.
With the fansite owners giving away Captain Blood's Jacket for Halloween, I had a renewed interested in its card, and so I set out to farm for it. I farmed once and made use of his chest a few times and received the hook. No luck otherwise.

I returned the next day and got it from the battle itself, no chest needed, on my first try. I was overwhelmed with excitement. Not only does it offer an interesting card, but it looks great, too. That's me on the right wearing the jacket.

In the following days, while continuing looking around for Zeke items, I found myself riding my Pennyfarthing in a rather odd way on the side of a wooden path. This has been a recurring discussion topic in a number of places, and I finally set out to explain it.

Halloween Around the Corner

I've already done my Nosferrabbit quest in Wizard101 and purchased a Haunted Galleon in Pirate101 - you'd better check out those areas fast, as they're going to be gone, soon.

That's it for this character update (what'd you think?). Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. wow, a new world? I look forward to it, don't you?

    -liam redstaff

  2. You are such a good blogger I'm not sure why you're not a official kinsigle fansite. I didn't find this websit until a month ago. Love the dodging bullets photo!


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