Epic Morganthe Trailer!

Wizard101 Morganthe Trailer - Khrysalis?

An epic new clip that I found tonight makes me think that Shadow Magic has surely been years in the making! Morganthe, seeming to make use of such magic, was located in a new trailer that I'd like to share with you.

The Trailer

There's some good detail in this one - take a look! Be sure to watch in HD with your sound up! There are a lot of eerie subtleties that you won't want to miss - grab your headphones if you have them.

Dissecting Content

Clearly, here, Morganthe is playing with a form of magic we're not aware of. The Spiders and crystals have the feel of Khrysalis, and the timing couldn't be better. Is this her Shadow Magic in use after discovering her Deck of Shadows in Mirror Lake, tested secretly in a dark location... to see how much water damage it took?

Wizard101 Morganthe Trailer - Khrysalis?And then, she seems to see someone watching her, and the trailer ends in a violent blast of energy and the Wizard101 logo.

Trouble With the Theory

This video is From Hinge Digital HERE.... and it was posted one YEAR ago. KingsIsle has used a variety of companies for trailers, but never Hinge Digital.

I'm going to guess that this is another test trailer from a company hoping to do them for KingsIsle - same as the Merle Ambrose one by Greengrass Studios. That can only lead me to one logical conclusion - the trailer doesn't mean much. It's just a flashy sequence with Morganthe.

Of course, I can't imaging that Khrysalis wasn't in the works this time last year, so it's quite possible that they sent out a theme idea to various companies for examples of their work and a quote.

Wizard101 Morganthe Trailer - Khrysalis?

All this in mind, it's still a pretty epic trailer. Perhaps this studio will be giving us more in the future - or this may become part of another commercial. What do you think?

That's it for now, but stay tuned for more Khrysalis coverage in the coming days. Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. This is very interesting, sense we can't see the top of the summoning thing then it could be something. Morganthe doesn't seem like herself, she seems more spider like, like more aggressive then usual. IDK much about Khrysalis yet but those crystals look a lot like Avalon and you said they they had a Khrysalis look and from when I have seen of Bastion it leaves me to think is Khrysalis and Avalon (Dun Dara) were sitting right next to each other due to the ground similarity and Dragonspyre probably was near also do to those mountains on the left side of your background looking a lot like the giant obsidian mountain in Dragonspyre and the obsidian chunks floating in Avernus skyway.

    Also I believe when Bastion was around and Celestia had not sunk yet into the sea I think that a Celestian traveled to Khrysalis (Bastion) and taught them the detail and some more stuff we saw in Celestia but for all we know it could be the other way around but that is highly likely considering the endless account of advancements the Celestians made.

    P.S. This history to back when The Spiral was a whole just makes me so interested, each time I find something new I think that there is a piece of the puzzle piece that will snap in place and get me closer to finding what The Spiral looked like before.

    1. Khrystalis you will learn is literally CL+ZF+AV+AZ together. All four worlds seem to be mashed into one. Idk though, it didn't seem like KR from what I have seen and I have seen all the world except the final dungeon.

    2. Where can you show proof of Zafaria?

  2. will if i had to say something i would have to say she found the book she have been trying to get this whole time and now she got it and it led to show she is up to her full power and maybe it was you (just guess if the head master send you in the pass to stop her form getting the book) trying to stop her evil was that just a guess i have but it look really cool but he face change a bit

  3. This video proves that Morganthe is really very puissente and nobody can stop it! This is a very good news, we will pouvoire attend the destruction of the spiral!! Does anyone know will happen as late Wizard101 but there are echoes of the Legion tenebre win, that look like a spiral Azteca! So here I am quoting the shade and I hope very much that destroy the shadow spiral and Merle Ambrose!

    (I grieve french and I'm not very strong in English)

  4. Chrissy The BlesserJune 11, 2015 at 4:19 PM

    Really cool. Great find and wonderful theories too :D


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