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Being the villain has always been more fun! While you can't rule the Spiral for yourself, you can now dress the part with the new Spiral Villains Hoard Pack in Wizard101. Check out this gear set for the Shadow Webling Pet, Drake Hatchling Mount, and seven new gear sets, including Malistaire's gear, Morganthe's gear, and Grandfather Spider's gear!

Spiral Villains Hoard Pack: What's Inside

This villain-themed pack has a lot of things players have been after for years, including the gear of classic Spiral villains. Although the aesthetics of the gear are a highlight for many, it's packed with other goodies, too, including one new mount and one new pet (although there are a ton of other pets in the pack). Check out what's inside!

Drake Hatchling Mount

This pack follows a newer trend in Wizard101 packs of including only one mount. The Drake Hatchling Mount lets you relive the experience of riding a dragon to the Crown of Fire at the top of Dragonspyre on a regular basis! It comes from the pack in a 1-day version (20% speed), and a 7-day and permanent version (both 40% speed). Interestingly, the permanent mount is only an ultra-rare drop in this pack, and not an epic.

Shadow Webling Pet

This pack has only one pet - the Shadow Webling. This pet makes the perfect companion for your Morganthe gear set. It's a Storm-based pet with a starting pedigree of 46 that gives a Storm Trap card.

Mount & Pet Grade: B
The community rates this pack as:
Great 28.6% | Good 28.6% | Average 25.7% | Poor 17.1%

Villainous Gear Sets & Wands

One of the most exciting parts of the pack is the gear sets. These villain-themed sets are great for stitching, but also have some pretty alright overall stats. There are seven in total - one for each school. Interestingly, the gear is all a rare drop, so it's somewhat common. The wands, however, are epic drops and are the toughest to get.

  • Malistaire Drake - Death, Life
  • Morganthe - Fire, Ice, Storm
  • Grandfather Spider - Balance, Myth
Wizard101 Spiral Villains Hoard Pack Gear - Malistaire Drake
Wizard101 Spiral Villains Hoard Pack Gear - Morganthe
Wizard101 Spiral Villains Hoard Pack Gear - Grandfather Spider

Balance Hat
Balance Robe
Balance Boots
Balance Wand
Death Hat
Death Robe
Death Boots
Death Wand
Fire Hat
Fire Robe
Fire Boots
Fire Wand
Ice Hat
Ice Robe
Ice Boots
Ice Wand
Life Hat
Life Robe
Life Boots
Life Wand
Myth Hat
Myth Robe
Myth Boots
Myth Wand
Storm Hat
Storm Robe
Storm Boots
Storm Wand

Gear & Wand Grade: A
The community rates this pack as:
Great 44.4% | Good 33.3% | Average 11.1% | Poor 11.1%

Other Items

The filler items in this pack aren't quite as exciting as in past packs. There are some semi-rare reagents like Titanium, Turquoise, and Orchicalcum. Beyond that, there are some mid-level snacks, but no new furniture or spellements. The pack contains a lot of old items that seem like they were taken directly from the Dragon's Hoard Pack.

Other Items Grade: D
The community rates this pack as:
Great 9.7% | Good 9.7% | Average 48.4% | Poor 32.3%

Pack Analysis

This might be the first pack I've seen where the permanent mount is not an epic drop, and where the wands are. The pack does follow a newer trend where all of the gear pieces (hat, robe, and boots) are the same rarity, and none are ultra-rare. All of the pack's notable items seem to be rolled in the last two slots, with an emphasis on the bottom-middle slot. This means that's it's possible to roll multiple gear pieces and new items in a single pack. Check out a few sample packs.

Here's the rarity of the more notable items in the pack:
  • Epic: Wands
  • Ultra-Rare: Shadow Webling Pet, Drake Hatchling Mount (Permanent)
  • Rare: Hats, Robes, Boots, Drake Hatchling Mount (7-day)
  • Uncommon: Drake Hatchling Mount (1-day)

The Verdict

This pack is for you if you're looking for a gear set. While I think some of the boots in this pack might actually be pretty competitive for some top slots, the biggest thing folks will be looking for is the cosmetics of the gear sets. Getting a complete set can take some work given that the wands are of epic rarity, but it's definitely doable. 

If you aren't interested in the gear, there's not a whole lot else to get from this pack. But the gear is a pretty big draw - the looks are great and the stats are pretty usable for the whole set, and even impressive in the case of a couple items.

Overall Grade: B+
The community rates this pack as:
Great 21.2% | Good 44.2% | Average 15.4% | Poor 19.2%

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What did you get from the Spiral Villains Hoard Pack?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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