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Wizard101 Great Sky Train Robbery Pack

Fly across the skyways in this diamond-powered Great Sky Train. Spoiler alert: there's a robbery. Collect Cool-Ranch-themed gear and other items (including new furniture) from this newest Wizard101 pack. The Great Sky Train Robbery Pack is 399 crowns and offers a chance at all of these goodies, plus reagents needed to craft the Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet.

The Great Sky Train Robbery Pack: What's Inside

If you haven't outright purchased the Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet, you'll probably be looking for the ticket reagents in this pack. And while getting enough to actually craft the gauntlet requires a hefty investment, there are plenty of other goodies to snag in the process.

The Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet Reagents

A vendor in the Shopping District sells the recipe for this gauntlet for 10,000 gold. Crafting the Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet requires 20 Steerage Tickets, 10 Coach Tickets, and 5 First Class tickets. There are transmutate spells sold by the same vendor that can turn 8 Steerage Tickets into 1 Coach Ticket, or 5 Coach Tickets into 1 First Class Ticket.

While rarities for each ticket are not expressly stated, one might infer that First Class Tickets are Epic, Coach Tickets are Ultra-Rare, and Steerage Tickets are Uncommon or Rare.

Wizard101 Great Sky Train Robbery Pack

Armadillo Mounts

There are three Armadillo mounts to snag, each providing the standard 40% speed boost. I must say, while I like the mounts themselves, I can't help but notice how awkward the crouching position of your wizard is on the mounts. Your back is broken. Additionally, the gear from the same pack has not been considered with this mount, and will clip through the back when riding. It's tough to tell the difference between any of them. There are some slight tone shifts and the barely visible saddles do change color. Still, these mounts are compact and have fun idle animations.

Wizard101 Great Sky Train Robbery Pack

Runner Pets

There are three roadrunner pets to collect inside the Great Sky Train Robbery Pack. They have fair starting pedigrees in the 50s, and offer robbery-inspired cards like Steal Ward and Steal Charm at teen.

Wizard101 Great Sky Train Robbery Pack

Mounts & Pets Grade: C+
The community rates these items as:
Great 15.8% | Good 36.8% | Average 26.3% | Poor 21.1%

Cool Ranch Gear

One of the highlights of the pack is perhaps the look of the gear. This Cool Ranch gear seems to be a pretty close adaptation of clothing available in Pirate101. While the long coat has quite a few issues interacting with other objects, the outfit is pretty cool. It comes in three colors for the three sets, and is not dye-able, like all pack gear. The stats are not particularly impressive on any of the pieces.

Frontier Knife Wands

The frontier knives go perfectly with the Cool Ranch getup. They, like the gear, do not offer any particularly impressive stats. So if you're looking for these, it'd mostly be for stitching purposes. 

Gear & Wand Grade: B
The community rates these items as:
Great 10.5% | Good 42.1% | Average 47.4% | Poor 0%

New Furniture, Spellements, and More

That's not all that's in this new pack, however! There are the usual filler items. There are also spellements for Blood Bat, Fire Cat, Dark Sprite, and Scarab. Notably, the pack contains the Amber Dust reagent. In addition to those offers, there's a series of new furniture items that are perfect for a... Cool Ranch house?

Unlike many past packs, this one has socket wrenches that actually scale with the level of the wizard purchasing the pack. They're listed as common drops but don't seem to show up terribly often.

Other Items Grade: A-
The community rates these items as:
Great 26.3% | Good 31.6% | Average 42.1% | Poor 0%

Pack Analysis

As with any gauntlet pack (see the Sinbad Hoard Pack Review and the Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack Review), the fact that it may take anywhere from 30,000-40,000 crowns to get enough reagents to actually craft the gauntlet means that while those items are exciting, they're often useless. That said, if you're purchasing this pack on multiple wizards, you can shuffle the reagents around.

Gear is all rolled in the bottom center slot or the bottom right slot. Epic prizes like the First Class Ticket and Permanent Mounts are rolled in the last slot (bottom right). Coach tickets, like gear, are rolled in the bottom center slot as well as the last slot. Steerage tickets are rolled in the first three slots on the top row and in the last, bottom right slot. Pets are rolled along with gear in the New furniture can be rolled in all slots.

Click to enlarge pack-opening samples

Here's the rarity of some of the more notable items in the pack:
  • Epic: Permanent Mounts
  • Ultra-Rare: Robes, Wands, 7-Day Mounts
  • Rare: Hats, Boots, Pets, 1-Day Mounts
  • New furniture items range from Common to Rare

The Verdict

There's plenty of new stuff to grab from this pack, and most of the furniture is "No Auction," meaning you'll only be able to get it from the pack itself. If you're interested in the aesthetics of some of the items the pack has to offer, go for it! Additionally, if you intend to purchase the gauntlet, it's almost better to buy crowns at a discount and spend your $40 as 40,000 crowns so that you can likely gather the reagents necessary to craft it in addition to getting a bunch of in-game goodies to use or sell for gold.

Some of the pack items still need more refinement (and they won't likely get it) but it has enough to offer (and some more worthwhile "filler" items) that's it's worth opening if you're interested in any of the items.

Overall Grade: B-
The community rates these items as:
Great 10.7% | Good 42.9% | Average 39.3% | Poor 7.1%

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What have you gotten from the Great Sky Train Robbery Pack?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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