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Wizard101 Blacksmith's Fjord Bundle

The Blacksmith's Fjord Bundle is the latest Wizard101 card available at GameStop and it's got some cool new items for your wizard! This mythic, Grizzleheim-inspired card includes the Blacksmith's Fjord house, Fjord Dragon Mount, and more. Check out everything that's available in this bundle.

Blacksmith's Fjord Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Blacksmith's Fjord Bundle

Location Sold
: GameStop
Cost: $39
- Blacksmith's Fjord
- Fjord Dragon Mount
- Forge Goblin Pet
- Forgemaster's Gear
- Forgemaster's Sword
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Blacksmith's Fjord House

The highlight of any bundle is its house! The Blacksmith's Fjord, for which the bundle is named, is definitely on the smaller side of bundle houses. In fact, while all of its textures and details feel pretty "premium," the interior and exterior are both pretty small. It feels like a world-themed house that might have been sold in the crown shop. Still, there are plenty of pretty sights to see. The atmosphere is great and it's a quiet, relaxing home.

Here's a video tour of the house! Check out the secret areas and all there is to see!

Fjord Dragon Mount

For me, one of the coolest parts of the bundle is the Fjord Dragon Mount. It offers the standard 40% speed boost, but it looks really, really cool. The dragon has beautiful, leaf-like wings with a decorative saddle and colorful scales across the length of its body.

Wizard101 Blacksmith's Fjord Bundle

Forge Goblin Pet

The Forge Goblin is a unique new pet carrying an anvil on its back. Forge Goblins don't exist as enemies or NPCs in the game, so this is a completely new model and it's pretty cute. It seems to be semi-transparent and made of ash and smoke, with a molten heart and eyes.

Wizard101 Blacksmith's Fjord Bundle

Forgemaster's Gear & Forgemaster's Sword

The gear in this bundle looks okay, though it's not particularly exciting. It reminds me a lot of the Arcane Builder's Bundle gear set. The sword has a unique look to it, though, with runes on either edge of the blade. The boots offer some decent stats but most of the rest of the gear will likely be passed over by experienced wizards. Unlike the Candied Isles Bundle, there's no set bonus for the Forgemaster gear.

Wizard101 Blacksmith's Fjord Bundle

Here's a look at all of the gear tiers available for this bundle. You can get them up to level 140+.

Will you be buying the new Blacksmith's Fjord Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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