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Wizard101 Candied Isles Bundle

The Candied Isles Bundle is the newest game card for Wizard101 and it's available at GameStop, and being awarded to individuals who raised $100 or more for KingsIsle's Extra Life team. Check out the Candied Isles Village, Sweet Ride Mount, Marshfellow Pet, and more in this exciting new bundle!

Candied Isles Bundles Overview

Wizard101 Candied Isles Bundle
Location Sold
: GameStop
Cost: $39
- Candied Isles Bundle Overview
- Candied Isles Village
- Sweet Ride Mount
- Marshfellow Pet
- Sweetish Chef Gear
- Whisk of Doom Weapon
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns 

Candied Isles Village House

The main attraction in this bundle is the Candied Isles Village. It's a pretty sizable house with an impressive exterior and a small village with five Karamelle-style homes. Each home has multiple stories and several have second-floor balconies. They're all interconnected via underground tunnels, like in the Aero Dwarf Village. There's a chocolate fountain in the center of the village that offers daily rewards. There's also a PvP arena and fishing available in multiple spots. One of the highlights is a sleigh ride down the mountain!

While the exterior of this house is pretty impressive and I love the smaller, less noticeable areas for fishing and exploring, the interiors are pretty disappointing. I'm not a fan of multiple, uninteresting interiors that are interconnected. I feel like the interiors of our bundle houses have been lacking a bit lately. But what's more, this may be the first bundle house ever not to have any secret areas. None. But it's still a cool house! Take a look at the complete video tour and see for yourself.

Sweet Ride Mount

This is a sweet ride... literally. You can drive around in a vehicle made entirely of candy with this mount. It offers the usual 40% speed bonus and contributes to the Sweetish Chef Set Bonus!

Wizard101 Candied Isles Bundle

Marshfellow Pet

One of the coolest new creatures in Karamelle is the Marshfellow, and now you can have one as a pet with the Candied Isles Bundle! This Myth pet grants Myth Shield at Baby, Vaporize at Adult, and Earthquake at Epic. The pet also counts for the Set Bonus!

Wizard101 Candied Isles Bundle

Sweetish Chef Gear & Whisk of Doom Wand

If you're looking to cook up some excitement, this gear set might be for you. We have yet to have any gear that's cooking-related. While the stats don't seem particularly impressive, it's definitely a cool-looking set. The Whisk of Doom at level 100 or over is a little bit of a dangerous wand because it has a may cast called Sugar Rush that gives you five regular pips and prevents pip gain for 4 rounds. Typically this would be a great power spike, but it means you'll have only regular pips to work with and is mostly a disadvantage to you.

Wizard101 Candied Isles Bundle

Here's a look at all of the tiers. They offer up to level 130+ gear. Click on any gear image to enlarge it.

Sweetish Chef Set Bonus

Equipping up to five pieces of the gear will provide additional stats to your wizard! The hat, robe, boots, wand, pet, and mount all count toward this bonus, so you have six pieces to choose from for the bonuses. The Sweetish Chef Set bonuses provide the following:

  • 3 or more pieces of gear: +4% universal damage
  • 4 or more pieces of gear: +5% universal resistance
  • 5 or more pieces of gear: +6% outgoing healing, +8% power pip chance

Will you be buying the Candied Isles Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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