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Wizard101 Peppergrass Glen Bundle

Wizard101's newest bundle is a Khrysalis-themed fishing paradise with Dyvim WhiteHart at its core! Get Dyvim's gear set and weapon along with a Poodle Moth mount, house guest, and other goodies with this game card. Let's check out everything the bundle has to offer!

Peppergrass Glen Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Peppergrass Glen Bundle

Location Sold: GameStop
Cost: $39
- Peppergrass Glen
- Poodle Moth Mount
- Hummingbird Pet
- WhiteHart Gear
- WhiteHart Sword
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Peppergrass Glen House

The Peppergrass Glen has a beautiful exterior village of Khrysalis homes with a gorgeous waterfall backdrop. The interior homes connect to an underground cavern with another waterfall. While the exterior of the house is spacious and beautiful, the interior is utterly disappointing. I really dislike the trend in many of these newer bundles of creating copy-paste homes that connect. Gone are the days of massive underground interiors like the Dino Bundle house and complex exteriors like the Olympian Bundle house. But it's still pretty! 

This bundle also offers a Dyvim WhiteHart house guest that you can place in your home.

Take a look at this video tour of the entire house! It looks like there's supposed to be a small passage hidden underneath the interior waterfall but it's currently blocked off. Jumping off of the cliff provides daily rewards!

Poodle Moth Mount

This moth mount is a perfect fit for the Khrysalis theme. It's a medium-sized mount that offers a standard 40% speed boost.

Wizard101 Peppergrass Glen Bundle

Hummingbird Pet

The hummingbird pet is a little bit of an interesting inclusion, as it isn't a creature found in Khrysalis. That said, it does fit with the Peppergrass Glen! It has a starting pedigree of 59 and three potential epic talents. He offers a Leafstorm card at Baby. 

Wizard101 Peppergrass Glen Bundle

WhiteHart Gear & WhiteHart Sword

One of the more interesting parts of the bundle is the gear. You'll get to look like Dyvim with this gear set, which actually has decent stats, as does his sword. On top of that, you'll get a cosmetic version of Dyvim's sword for every school! 

Wizard101 Peppergrass Glen Bundle

Check out the stats for every tier of gear offered in the bundle! Note that when you're redeeming the gear in the game, the level 150+ tier shows up first rather than at the end like with prior bundles - it's not missing, it's just changed locations. Strangely, there is no level 0+ gear option. There is a level 0+ wand option, but with no stats - it is only cosmetic.

Will you be getting the Peppergrass Glen Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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