September 2022 Guest Post Series

It's that time of year! The September Guest Post Series returns with another exciting line-up. Check out who's sharing this year and what to expect!

The September Guest Post Series invites all types of creators, often those who are not traditionally writers or bloggers, and allows them to share their skills and experiences. Here's a recap of who's written in the past!

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Now let's take a look at the lineup for 2022!

Evan Deathblade

The winner of last year's "Write a Blog Post Contest," Evan Deathblade, shares his teleport tapestry collection, including how it came to be and the toughest parts of obtaining new tapestries. And, of course, how he's showing off the collection.

Tarlac Mooncaller

You've seen the content, now meet the creator. Tarlac shares his many creative housing builds and decorating accomplishments including an updated version of his MooShu home previously featured in a post here!


Sharing her Wizard101 journey, Zaepha talks about content creation and how it's evolved over the years and shaped her experience in the game's community. Zaepha's ever-growing YouTube channel serves as a prime example of the evolution of content creation in the 101 universe.


A long-time community member and talented artist, SparkleFountain shares some of her latest work and talks about her journey in the world of art. That includes the major influence of Wizard101!


Pirate101's new community manager, Hawkules (a.k.a. Chris), shares his experience so far in the Pirate101 community.

Stay tuned for these guest posts throughout the remainder of the month!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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