Transported: Evan's Teleport Tapestry Collection

Evan Deathblade is a contest winner for last year's "Write a Blog Post Contest" in which he shared his teleport tapestry collection. Take a look at what he's collected so far and how he acquired his tapestries in the first of five guest posts this September!

Teleport tapestries are some of the most unique interactable housing items available, allowing you to teleport to so many important locations without having to walk all the way there from the world door. Seeing as they can be obtained in numerous different ways, they're a good candidate for anyone looking to start their own collection in Wizard101!

Where did it all begin?

I unofficially began collecting teleport tapestries many years ago when I would hang random ones on the wall that I got from opening random packs as a very young wizard who had no idea what they were doing. The basement of my Red Barn Farm was lined with a bunch of tapestries and bobbleheads from opening just about every pack you could think of. Though the house has since been repurposed for gardening, the remnants of the collection still live on.

How did the collection start?

I didn’t start actively collecting Teleport Tapestries until a few years ago when I decided it was time to craft a tapestry to the Bazaar and to the Hatchery. One can only make so many trips to the Bazaar all the way from Ravenwood before they get tired. When I realized how useful tapestries can really be, especially when you need to access an area that is very deep within a world, I decided I wanted to someday have a full collection of every single tapestry.

How did I get all these tapestries?

I acquired a few tapestries from opening random packs many moons ago, and a couple during the recent fishing tournament, but the bulk of my collection so far has come from crafting. With seven characters and five maxes, it's hard to run out of reagents so I have no trouble crafting them; usually the fish that are required in a number of recipes are the biggest holdback. I prefer going the direct route of crafting, but recently I have been looking into Jewel Blossoms, though I only have a square blossom so far.

How many are in the collection so far?

As of now, I've collected about 25, which is just a little under half of all the currently available tapestries. However, that number is growing daily as I catch the fish I need to continue crafting. Currently, I’m working towards catching 5 of each Dekoi fish to craft the Ravenwood school tapestries.

What are the rarest tapestries in the collection?

I would say pretty much all of the tapestries are about equal in terms of rarity since the majority of them can be crafted, but if I had to choose which ones are the rarest I'd go with the various Mirage tapestries since they are a little more involved. They can be purchased with gold, but all require various badges involving defeating several of the same type of enemy. I farmed all of the Mirage badges over the course of a week, though not all are necessary to purchase the tapestries. I just like collecting badges.

How is the collection on display, and how is it shared?

Currently the majority of my tapestries are lined up along the edges of my Empyrean Airship, as seen above. Once I've acquired all 54 and fully decorated the interior of the ship, I plan on putting it on Castle Tours to share it with everyone. So far I'm almost finished decorating the captain's quarters, and then I just need to decorate the outer decks and the cargo hold.

Thanks to Evan Deathblade for sharing his collection!

How many teleport tapestries do you have?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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