What's KingsIsle Working On?

KingsIsle New Mobile Game

Earlier today, KingsIsle released a new post on their blog HERE. The post included three images which have appearing on their official website over the past several months as well as hints at something else - but what it is?

The Faces of a New Mobile Game

The title of the post clues us in on what KingsIsle has up their sleeves. It's a new mobile game! But what does that mean? A "mobile" game for KingsIsle might simply be like Grub Guardian - another game on FreeKI Games that they turn into an app. However, like Grub Guardian, it'd have been given special attention. Grub Guardian was also a pretty spur-of-the-moment release if I recall correctly. (Not to say that's the effort it took, just that we were suddenly surprised with it.) 

The fact that KingsIsle is building this one up, then, is a good sign. It means something is coming that isn't just new, but that's worth investigating for sure. I'm excited.

Snarling Teeth and Watchful Eyes

The three images shown in this post are the three images which have rotated in and out on the official KingsIsle website. The first one, at the top of the post, looks to me like some sort of bug. Though most of the essential features are cropped out, that'd be my first guess. The second is the three teeth. This is particularly strange because we have green lips. They appear to be sharks of some kind, but whatever the case, are definitely fish because of their gills. Another thing to note on this one is the grayed-out area in the bottom right, as if that's an area on which some text will be placed. 

KingsIsle New Mobile Game

The final image is displayed further down seems to be a creature with large, pointed teeth and a single eye. It looks like a mutation of the eye creatures that you can purchase from Grub Guardian. It also appears to have fur and be striped.

KingsIsle is Hiring!

It's worth noting that KingsIsle's official website has been changing. The note on these new images includes the phrase "Will you be able to smash your way to victory?" There are also job openings for a UI Artist, Character Artist, and Software Engineer, all for mobile devices.

Mid-Arc Update

Between Wizard arcs is the perfect time not just for new side features in-game, but also projects like this.

Hints from KingsIsle's Blog

We got just a few hints in the short post today. Most notably, KingsIsle discusses a game outside the Spiral with new enemies. Perhaps this game will go beyond a tower defense game, and be something that is far more involved. A full-blown mobile role-playing game, perhaps? Check out the hint:

We know you love playing MMO games on your computer, but we also know that mobile gaming is exploding. Grub Guardian offers a great way to train your Wizard101 pets on the go, but that’s not the only mobile game we have in store for you. In fact, you can maybe expect some entirely new games and adventures to be had outside of the Spiral.

KingsIsle New Mobile Game

What do you think KingsIsle is up to? What kind of mobile game would you like to see?

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