Doodle Day

Wizard101 announced that Friday was "Doodle Day." It's a little odd, then, I suppose, that I did a few doodles for Pirate101. Let's take a look at that process.

Duck of Death Puppet Show

It seems to be a trend in Pirate to add in a few puppet shows later on to flesh out the story portion of questing, and I'm entirely supportive of this endeavor. Puppet shows are, perhaps, one of my most favorite aspects of the game, and certain something that make Pirate101 stand out among its competitors, or even in comparison with Wizard101.

Recently, they added a new one for the Duck of Death, a fitting story to be told in this form given his prominence in Cool Ranch and its story, and with Cool Ranch taking up no less than one-fourth of the entire first arc. I connected the show to Old Cob and the Before Times in a post HERE.

One particular scene stood out - the Duck of Death's evil grin in seeking vengeance against those who'd betrayed him.

Morgrim's Mouth

Cret92, as you may know him, seemed the perfect candidate for such an image. I have explained the process of vector drawings many times in my art posts, but not very often (or perhaps not at all) have I mentioned this puppet show style.

Many puppet shows in Pirate feature rougher drawings with colors outside of the lines. Perhaps that's just preceding their refinement, or maybe it's a reflection of the fact that the shows stray from the "norm" in gaming. Either way, it's become a defining feature of the style, and is one I wished to replicate to some extent in my own drawings.

Morgrim's Mouth is created almost identical to the Duck of Death's, minus the obvious fact that Morgrim has no duck bill. He took on the teeth, the jagged edges of the mouth, and the facial hair.

Jack and Destiny

With a plan for the final image in mind, I also needed two other drawings with... slightly more normal mouths. I decided to do one of my own pirate and one of Destiny's. If you've seen my Twitter profile or my accounts on various other social media sites, you've likely been familair with the head-and-shoulders version of my pirate for some time. Here, like the other drawings, started out as line art.

I also did one of Destiny's character (or, as she is now called, SGM Soultamer). With each character, I featured something unique about them either in the drawing or the background created. For me, it was doubloons, which hovered above my open hand. For Morgrim, it was his flag. For Destiny, it was cogs and papers, for Destiny has presented some of the greatest Armada theorycrafting posts available, on top of her numerous fan-fiction pieces.

Final Image

I posted the result of the three characters on Twitter:

The Duck of Death's smile in his new Pirate101 puppet show reminds me of someone. Can't put my finger on it.

Did you do anything for Doodle Day? 

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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