Wizard101's Fishing Tournament

Yesterday, Wizard101 tried something new. Following in the footsteps of Pirate101's pillow fight event, they announced a fishing contest, with some awesome prizes. Here's a quick look back.

Let the Games Begin

This past Saturday was Wizard101's fishing tournament. Beginning at midnight, many wizards started fishing... and didn't stop for many hours following that. The tournament lasted a full 24 hours, from midnight on Friday, through Saturday to midnight.

Victory Conditions

Wizard101 promised 60,000 crowns to three wizards who did each of the following:

  • Catch the Largest fish
  • Catch the Shortest fish
  • Catch the most Epic fish (See a guide HERE)

They also offered 10,000 crowns to one wizard who did each of the following:

  • Catch the most Dekoi type fish
  • Catch the smallest Jellyfish type fish
  • Catch the smallest Eel type fish
  • Catch the largest Codfather
  • Catch the largest Todd Pole

Fishing, Not Catching

Having always been very interesting in fishing myself, I was pleased with the focus of this contest. That said, I knew I couldn't dedicate enough time on Saturday to seriously compete in the competition, but I did decide to log in and have some fun in my Private Fishing Retreat.

As part of the Mystic Fishing Bundle (learn more HERE), players get a Private Fishing Retreat. My bundle was graciously gifted to me by SGM Soultamer (check out here blog HERE), and I've made frequent use of the Retreat. Inside, you can not only catch the unique Rainbow Trout, but also several other fish, including Brain Sturgeons, and the epic fish, Sturgeon General.

Not only did I catch a Rainbow Trout or two, but I also caught something else interesting:

I knew you could find a fancy item or two, but I hadn't been too familiar with the idea of pack gear in treasure chests. 

I filled up my fishing basket a time or two (of course, I always keep quite a few fish in my basket until I find them aquariums), and chatted with Sophia Lifecaster, who was hunting epic fish. I also invited over a few people to the retreat, who took advantage of the opportunity.

Chest Full of Crowns

The results will be in sometime tomorrow, and a few lucky wizards are going to be showered in green. Perhaps in the future, they'll have a couple-hour-block contest on Saturday. If that were to happen, I'd sure keep you on your toes.

Did you try the fishing tournament?

Good luck to all who entered. Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I entered, and I mostly spent my time fishing in Northguard in Grizzleheim for Todd Poles and Bear-a-cudas as well. I even was lucky enough to catch two small fry Bone Fish that were the exact same size, something that I've never seen happen before in the game. Photo below.

  2. Luckily, managed to catch 54.0 Blackberry Jellyfish maybe 2 hours before the ending of the event.

  3. Very interesting chest drop. Very nice post by the way! Thanks for sharing!


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