Pirate101: The Flamango and Other Hybrids

Pirate101 Flamango Hybrid

Despite the lack of content updates in Pirate101, there's definitely something to keep players occupied: hybrids. If not one hybrid, then another, and if not another, then some theory or potential combination or latest hint from Decius Duelmaster.

Hybrid Endeavors

This has been the one feature truly keeping players busy. Naturally, I'm getting in on it. While some hybrids are very easy to get, others are not. Still other hybrids will be simple for one person and difficult for the next. It can be a potential gold sink, requiring additional farming and selling.

The Pink Flamango

One of the easier hybrids, at least in my own experience, has been the Flamango. It's a combination of the Fandango and Pink Marshmadillow. It only took me one attempt to snag this guy, and he's pretty cool looking. (See the picture up top.)

Pirate101 Flamango Hybrid Combination

Other New Hybrids

Some of the others have eluded me. One is the Skyrime Minotaur, who appears to be the Bullrog's counterpart. I've tried many times for this guy, but it seems that he, like the Bullrog, may take me up to 40 tries.

Also, as noted in the March Pirate101 Newsletter (click to view), three other new hybrids were recently discovered outside the Skyrime Minotaur, including the Flamango, which I was fortunate enough to receive, the Sundango, and the Punk Fish.

My Checklist

I was doing pretty well keeping up on hybrids for awhile, but a shortage on time and gold has put me behind. So far, I've got these:

1. Blue Ostrich
2. Bullrog
3. Clocktopus
4. Emusaur
5. Flamango
6. Frostbiter
7. Glowfish
8. Golden Sky Dragon
9. Grimtooth Reaper
10. Habanero Tiger Shark
11. Horned Toad
12. Ice Lizard
13. Lavalanchula
14. Paper Dragon
15. Pork U Pine
16. Silver Dollar Dillo
17. Skull Island Macaw
18. Tarantula
19. Thorny Toad
20. Tiger Shark

And I'm currently missing these:

1. Blues Crab
2. Cheerful Tinsel Owl
3. Fire Lizard
4. Kloudnine
5. Punk Fish
6. Skyrime Minotaur
7. Spooktooth
8. Sundango
9. Terrorloon
10. Verdant Tinsel Owl

I'm continuing to add to my gold supply through farming and companion assignments.

Pirate101 Skyrime Minotaur Hybrid Combination

Have you picked up any hybrids lately?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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