Three Unforgettable Wizard101 Locations

Wizard101 Wizard's Watchtower

It's been just a little while since Wizard101's last major update, but there's still plenty of fun to be had. For me, that meant exploring a few old spots in the game that I'd always enjoyed. While there are many out there, and I may revisit the topic later, these are three that stood out as being associated with fond memories several years ago.

The While Owl Tower

One of my all-time favorite places is the White Owl Tower is The Wild, Avalon. Many locations in which you fight bosses and monsters are reused over and over in a world, even across multiple worlds in the Spiral. This tower's design is not only unique, but also colorful.

Wizard101 Avalon, White Owl Tower

After growing a vine following the first fight, and with the help of Cassie the Ponycorn, the wizard enters the tower, where everything, from the textures to the puzzle to the blocked hallway, is unique. Solve a puzzle and pass through the gate or fail and encounter another fight. Down below, the final battle battle takes place. 

I love this location mostly for its appearance. I love running it every now and then as a remind of Avalon's superb story and environments. Just watch out for the owls. Talk about angry birds. 


Even if you hate the rooftops of Marleybone in Wizard101, the city itself is loved by most players. The environment is great and the theme very strong. Perhaps one of the more notable moments is the balloon ride, available to and from both Hyde Park and Chelsea Court. Krokotopia, Marleybone, and Dragonspyre are, if I recall correctly, the only worlds with a "ride" that wizards can take.

Wizard101 Marleybone

This is definitely notable when considering the views of the city available to you. Typically, on the street level in the "hub" area, you're looking at shops or for your next location, so it's hard to appreciate all of the great structures and buildings that make up Marleybone.

The Coven in Ravenscar

Many an evening was spent farming the ravens for their valuable drops, primarily with the Mercenaries For Hire team, who also managed to make a little gold in the process. The Coven, the final four bosses of Grizzleheim, are memorable in more ways than one. Not only is the fight a big one, but their location is also unique. The Glacial Wastes include several tunnels and cliffs to be investigated.

The battle, in this instance, involves stalling the Everwinter which these birds have so frequently promised. This also sets the scene for one of my other favorite worlds - Wintertusk, in which the Coven and sons of Ymir are two sets of enemies that make a very effective team.

Wizard101 Grizzleheim, Ravenscar, the Coven

Looking Back

There are a lot of different favorites and locations which cause much nostalgia with wizards. Many shared theirs with me on Twitter.

What location do you love to return to?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Wizard101, Pirate101 Flying Ships

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  1. Chrissy The BlesserFebruary 12, 2015 at 7:10 AM

    Wonderful post that totally describes each of your favored locations brilliantly. I just adore your aging of the photographs. Really creative there. :D


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