ArtCraft Entertainment Announces Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment Play2Crush Crowfall

That's right! The name of ArtCraft Entertainment's upcoming game has been revealed - Crowfall! In the coming weeks, we'll be learning more from hints posted on their official website HERE. Who's excited!?

Play2Crush Expanded

The new website welcomes users with a message:

If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for something. 

Something deeper than a virtual amusement park. More impactful than a virtual sandbox. More immersive. More real. A game where decisions matter. 

We are, too. We’ve been looking for years, and we still haven’t found it…. because it doesn’t exist. Yet.

This is the application of the Play2Crush concept given on the teaser website. What they're talking about is Crowfall - the upcoming MMO promises by industry veterans J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton.

Playing a Game

While the name of the game and some pieces of concept art around the site have been introduced and revealed, we still don't know much about Crowfall. The quest for glory against other players is still a theme, and the central piece of concept art featuring a warrior holding a crown seems to be indicative of fighting for power.

ArtCraft Entertainment Play2Crush Crowfall

Spells of a New Kind

One of the cooler pieces of concept art also features another type of character. It might be an NPC or a player, but whatever the case, he's casting something that looks pretty awesome. Perhaps the different flags displayed in the teaser banner will be different classes or character types. There are definitely humans in this game, though. If you were hoping for more talking animals, I think you're in for a rude awakening.

The Crowfall Community

The thing that seems so important up until this point is clans, guilds, or groups. That is reinforced by the one page on the Crowfall website - the Community!

ArtCraft Entertainment Play2Crush Crowfall

Sign Up Now!

The Crowfall Community page is a forum in which you can sign up using your same username and email that you used to register for beta on the teaser site (which is still open HERE).You can create threads, like on any forums, to discuss all aspects of the game. Check it out HERE.

What's to Come?

Over the next two months, ArtCraft will be dropping hints on their website, so be sure to pay attention. Stay tuned for more speculation and announcements here, too.

ArtCraft Entertainment Play2Crush Crowfall

What do you think Crowfall will be like?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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