What IS Play2Crush?

With a few major announcements recently from former KingsIsle employee J. Todd Coleman, there's a lot of confusion over what exactly Play2Crush is. It's not the name of their new game, as many believe. When will we learn more? What exactly is this Play2Crush concept?

ArtCraft Entertainment

Let's start from the top: ArtCraft Entertainment is the new company that J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton are a part of and have worked together to launch. Both have worked on very successful past games, several of which our community knows very well.

The Misconception

Most people seem to be thinking that Play2Crush, a term found on their teaser site, is the name of their new game or company. It's what they've been using as their hashtag on Twitter, and what potential players from around the online universe have been talking about. However, the idea that Play2Crush is a game or company name is incorrect.

Play2Crush Explained

The phrase "Play to Crush," shorted as Play2Crush, is simply a concept from ArtCraft Entertainment. The basis for the new company is that the MMO industry has gone stale, and that most of its games are the same old thing. The company feels that it's time to move to "real risk" and "real reward" and notes that even if a player loses, the experience won't feel hollow. 

That concept on its own has scared away a whole audience of potential players from Wizard and Pirate who use games as an escape rather than something to be played in the way ArtCraft Entertainment suggests. However, the concept has also gained Coleman and Walton some major attention in the MMO and online gaming world, across the board in gaming websites as well as among their former (and many soon-to-be current) game communities.

J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton's New Game

That does beg the question, What IS this new game? The name for it hasn't yet been released. The only thing we know it's not at this point is Play2Crush, though I'd imagine this game will have a similar feel with both its name and its components, beyond just the way it's played.

Classes and Clans

One thing that's made clear by the Play2Crush Teaser site is that there will many different factions in the game that may represent different groups you can join or different team logos you create, like flags in Pirate101. Whatever the case, it's certain we'll need plenty of friends to bring along. The site mentions that upon signing up for beta. This is an excellent opportunity to make use of all your contacts from the Spiral.

Applying the Play2Crush Concept

The Play2Crush concept, as first glance, appears to be a unique one, and I imagine it will be. But, it will likely be similar to some existing games, and simply stray away from what the creators worked on in the past and what is currently on the market today. My guess would be that it's more about building your clan and your group than it is following a story, but whatever the case, I'm excited to see where this game takes us.

What are YOU hoping to see with Play2Crush?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. It's not a unique concept. "Play to Crush" was the old Shadowbane mantra. By re-conjuring that phrase, he's throwing off his Wizard101 days and returning to hardcore games.

  2. Why excited? Just because Todd stands behind it? I thinks is could be cool name, I don't know, but I feel no excitement yet.

  3. What this have to do with Wizards and Pirates? Todd left us, with each minute he draws distant to KingsIsle, and what's newly developed is not his achievements.

  4. Imagine this: You see a movie and there's a character you love in particular. You research the actor or actress because you loved the performance, and find that he or she has played many similar roles, and look for other movies with that same actor or actress from past years and in the future. The same goes for games. JTC and Gordon Walton have been successful names in gaming. Not just that, but they make games we love. That in itself is a reason to be excited.


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