Wizard101's Secret Room in Krokotopia

Wizard101 Secret Krokotopia Room

After a two-day break, it's time to resume the Burst Fire post event! Wizard101 has never been a game in which things where hidden that only particular types of players could find. The whole thing has been fairly accessible to everyone. There was, however, one exception - the secret room in Krokotopia.

Wizard101's Secret Room?

It was pretty simple - a teleport trick would take you to an "undisclosed location" inside a dungeon. But what was it for? What did it contain? After hearing rumors about this room, I decided, last year, to go and look for it myself. These are my findings.

A Trip to Krok

The secret room was supposedly in Krokotopia inside the Karanahn Palace. There was an empty room that everyone talked about accessing in the center of the location. You can see that it appears on the map below, but you don't actually go into it. We tried completing the instance - no luck. We tried going to just outside the location inside the dungeon - no luck. With a little more research, I learned that to get there, you were supposed to teleport to your friend at the same time they teleported to you. This was naturally difficult to begin with given delays in messages and clicks, but it was worth a try.

Wizard101 Secret Krokotopia Room

Phone a Friend

Because of the way you entered the room, I couldn't do it alone. I took Elijah Stormheart with me, who has since left the community, but was great to have around and happy to assist. We would attempt to teleport to each other to access this room in the center of the Palace.

What's it For?

There have been a lot of crazy myths in Wizard101, but this wasn't one of them. We actually did access the room when teleporting to each other. Not only that, but we found some interesting things inside.

Cages and Puzzles

The room was made up of four sections and four levers. It was similar to one puzzle that was in Celestia's Trial of the Spheres. When you hit one lever, it affected several of the gates and obelisks breaking up the room. When you pulled another, it would change them again. The goal was to progress through the room to the other door, though we found that when we did, the door didn't go anywhere. We did this several times. Here's a video of one of our visit to this room: 

Lost to Time

Unfortunately, I gave this a try with "Zach the Wizard" on Twitter, but we could not get it to work, even with more precise teleports than we'd used in that video from April 2013. I concluded that at some point, it must have been closed. The issue was that the room itself was probably removed as a zone, not that teleporting had changed. In fact, teleporting still does some cool things. For example, did you know that you can not only teleport to friends, but also switch places with them? If timed near-perfectly, teleporting to each other at the same time will allow you to swap places (though usual dungeon and gauntlet rules still apply). I was able to accomplish this on a single computer using two accounts.

Behind Closed Doors

It's unfortunate that this was removed, as it was a glitch that served no purpose other than our own entertainment, much like the rug and floating glitches in housing. However, with Wizard returning us to locations we've always wanted to visit with the Four Dungeons, it is possible that this may be a future location. At one point, it may have been part of the dungeon design, but was thrown out.

Wizard101 Secret Krokotopia Room

Have you ever visited the secret room in Krokotopia?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Eli Stormheart and Zach the Wizard for their help in exploring the room.


  1. Great post. This kind of stuff I just LOVE. Genius' discovering way cool stuff and sharing it with us regular wizards. The stuff of legends :D

  2. The gates coming down after you tag the lever- that's how they got the metal guardian fight in Ms idea??

  3. What compelled you guys to try the teleport trick in Karanahn Palace then? And is it possible this could work out for other areas too? 0:

  4. Kane and I used to take people there all the time to confuse them lol. We always thought they would end up using the room for something though, not just remove it. Ah, fun times :)

  5. It was a rumor circulating at the time. I think someone told us to try that specific thing in the Palace, and I don't normally believe those kind of things, but this worked!

  6. Very interesting :o


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