Add Victory Conditions to Battleboard Creations!

Battles in Pirate101 have victory conditions. Now your battleboard creations can, too. Part of the fun of building is creating unique situations. We've had plenty of "defeat all enemies," after all.

How It Works

Adding victory conditions is easy. Like any block, you'll start out with an uncolored template. This one says "Click to Add" at the top of the screen. You can click on two of the areas to add different victory conditions to the battle.

Condition Options

You have quite a few options, from survival, to time limits, to defeating, or even interacting. The cycle is as follows:

Click to Add    Defeat All Enemies    Defeat the Boss    Defend the Captain    Destroy Obstacles    Survive 5 Rounds    Survive 10 Rounds    Complete in 5 Rounds    Complete in Ten Rounds    No Objective

Note that you can have no objective in the place. Like with tiles, one particular part of the cycle is blank, so you can choose to have one or two conditions. (Or maybe your battle is glitched and you don't have any.)

Rules of Combat

There are none! Just kidding... mostly. You control the rules of your battleboard, but the typical game rules are listed on the page. You also now have the typical battleboard victory conditions. This explains that some conditions often go together while others do not. While you will ultimately decide what will and won't be a part of your board, the information is there. Again, you can choose one and make the other one blank, or use both.


My hope is that in the future, I'll be able to make more use of this option, with specific goals for specific new boards. And new boards are definitely coming, but collecting and assembling the pieces takes a lot of time. 

Player-made battleboard by Jason Goldenshield

Share Yours!

With the Disqus comment system, it's easy to share your board creation here. You can create your own Battleboard by clicking on "Battleboard Builder" in the grey sub-navigation links. Take a screenshot and crop it down, then post it as a comment! All feedback here is also appreciated.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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