Pirate101 Henchman and Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Pack: A Closer Look

Pirate101 Henchman

Both games have had some surprises for us over the last couple of days, and between those updates, the fansite contests, and other events, it has been tough to keep track of it all. So here's a quick look, with video, animation, pictures, renders, and more, of the new Pirate101 level 65 Henchman and Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Pack!

(Side note: because of work on this update post, there will be no Concept101 this week. It's still around, though, don't worry! There's more you haven't seen!)

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Tiki Pack Guide

The Islander's Hoard Pack!

This pack offers a variety of fun new items. It has one new mount, the Tiki Waverunner! This surfboard mount offers a whole new stance and epic jump animation!

To go right along with it is a new Tiki Kahuna pet, pictured to the left. This little guy can get a brand-new talent - "May cats Fuel" - and is a great addition to any pet collection. Learn more about this pet and his discovered talents so far on Petnome HERE.

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Tiki Pack GuideThat's not to mention some altered versions of old treasure cards, a mix of new and old Tiki-themed furniture for your house, and all new snacks and reagents.

Of course, one of the real highlights of this pack may possibly be the gear sets and wands. Some of these aren't actually bad, and the cards they give and very helpful. Then the wands also have some new cards and impressive stats. Specifically the Frost Stare Torch, with 5% armor piercing, and 85 critical rating along with 80 block rating!

Wizard101 Level 90+ Islander's Hoard Gear Mini-Guide

Riptides Set (Offensive Death and Fire-based gear)

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Tiki Pack Gear Guide

Sacred Songs Set (Well-rounded Myth and Ice-based gear)

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Tiki Pack Gear Guide

Purity Set (Healing/Block Balance and Storm-based gear)

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Tiki Pack Gear Guide

Wands (Three varieties of setups)

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Tiki Pack Gear Guide

The Shocking Truth Tiki Torch matches in color and is built like the Purity Set
The Frost Stare Tiki Torch matches in color and is built like the Sacred Songs Set
The Dying Embers Tiki Torch matches in color and is built like the Riptides Set

This is an interesting new pack for a variety of reasons. The wands have always been desirable, and although not the best around, these are pretty attractive. The gear isn't terrible, and if you're going for the One in a Million badge, you might actually use some of the items. That or you're playing a supportive role without taking much damage.

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Tiki Pack Gear GuideI noticed something else funny about this pack - on the wands, which I'm guessing we'll see plenty of, the feathers actually cover the face on the front view. However, turn around to the back perspective, and the feathers disappear!

Don't believe me? Just look at the animation to the right and watch the painted feathers carefully - none, there, none! Now you see them, now you don't.

Henchman in the Pirate101 Test Realm!

Pirate101 has just released henchman - but these are completely different from Wizard101. While they are more expensive and still only last one battle, these henchman are ones that you can control. Ever needed a hand from a Privateer? Didn't think so. But if you want help from a Musketeer or other class, those are all available at various levels in the Crown Shop, with a new, easy button in combat to click and purchase them.

To give you an idea of how to purchase and use these henchman, plus a look at all of their stats, epics, and powers, here's 30 minutes of video! The first bit includes stats and powers, then I follow with using each of the henchman in a battle. You can only have one initially, but can add more as your units die. (Watch in HD! - Video may still be cropping at time of posting)

What do you think - are you planning to purchase these new crown shop items in either game?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Malvin Lifedreamer (Sheldon Cooper), Sean Redhammer, and Nathan Ashthistle (Ion) for allowing me to take pictures of their mount/gear.


  1. I really like the Islander's Hoard Pack. I extremely want that mount. I remember suggesting a surf board mount on one of Katherine Light's posts and now there is one! I would love to get one :)

    I like the style and theme of these gear sets, definitely something I would show off, and how the gear isn't overpowered. Something you didn't mention is that from previous packs, crowns gear, especially from the packs, are super powered and really desirable, almost necessary. These guys are a little different because they're not very strong at level 90, giving small and low amounts of stats, but a mega amount of health. I like how they just aren't too overpowered. I think after Aquila, this is showing that Kingsisle is breaking away from making overpowered crowns gear, but still fairly powerful compared to dropped gear in the Spiral (except in Aquila as Hades' staffs still remain supreme with that critical). They could now be working toward more dropped items.

    All the other components to this pack I like. The Tiki Kahuna pet has a very humorous walk and fidget to me and is a great addition to a Wizard's pet collection. If I had crowns, I probably buy a few of them. I just wish KI would stop stuffing their packs to the brim with Housing Items and Treasure Cards. I think it takes away from getting the rarer items when there's an 80% chance you'll get one of the two above within 5 packs. If one could slightly get more of the rare stuff, packs might be more entertaining.

    1. That's why I liked the Wyvern's Hoard. You could get any of five mounts (so your chances were greater) PLUS new pets and items that were actually worthwhile, like teleporters!

  2. I might try to get the Shocking Truth Tiki Torch for my life, but other than that, not really worth it. :( another useless pack.

    1. Really? Not even the Frost Stare torch or the pet for its may cats Fuel on your Fire?

      Well, I guess packs aren't for everyone.

  3. the Pirate101 henchmen is good, But not awesome like the Packs of Wizard101 :D

  4. Did you mean to type "may cats Fuel" or "may CAST Fuel"?


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