Top Ten Must-Have Wizard101 Aquila Drops!

Wizard101 Aquila Tartarus

With the release of Aquila in Wizard101, there are a ton of impressive drops to keep track of. And when it comes to gear, this has been one of the most controversial updates yet. First, no one liked the gear. With added pieces and changes to old gear, some started to like it, while others still disapproved. But then we created a whole new group that even thought this gear was overpowered.

Whether or not you love or hate the new world and its gear, there are some items that you simply can't pass up. Here are ten drops you've got to have - and why!

Wizard101 Aquila Ares DropNumber Ten - Ares' Sky Iron Hasta

Dropped by: Ares, Hall of Battle, Mount Olympus

Olympus is home to a variety of fun bosses. One of them, directly before Zeus, is Ares! Though he's only a level thirty boss, one of his drops is actually worth looking at. His Sky Iron Hasta is the only wand to currently give a damage boost.

Storm can now achieve 178% total damage boost with this wand, but that's not the important part. Perhaps you've been struggling to obtain the One in a Million badge. This is the wand for you.

When it comes to obtaining that badge, there's no better wand than this, as any additional boost is helpful when attempting to hit and do a million damage. If nothing else, it's a cushion... just in case you didn't bring enough blades.

Wizard101 Aquila Sword and Shield PetNumber Nine - Enchanted Armament Pet

Dropped by: Gladiator Dimachaerus, Pit of Noxii, Mount Olympus

This pet is a fantastic addition to any collection. It's a floating Sword and Shield! When you run, it moves as if it's being carried by an invisible gladiator.

Besides the fact that it looks nice, however, it also offers one card (at Baby and Teen, two at Adult and Ancient, three at Epic and Mega) - Sharpened Blade. But this item card, when applied to a blade, will not only stack with the regular form but also the same blade sharpened with the actual spell.

I daresay this will be the new Mercenaries For Hire mascot pet, as it offers multiple blades that end up being more than the 25% or 30% offered by Balanceblade or Dragonblade. But if that didn't sell you, it also comes with a talent - may cast Sword and Shield. You get a random 25% blade and random 50% shield! Sold!

Wizard101 Aquila Storm Exalted AmuletNumber Eight - Exalted Amulets

Dropped by: Gladiator Dimachaerus, Pitt of Noxii, Mount Olympus OR Sand Squid, Poseidon Adventure, Atlantea, OR Cronus, Cave of Nyx, Tartarus OR Hades the Unseen, Hades' Hallway, Tartarus

Exalted Amulets are a step up from Mastery Amulets. They aren't a huge improvement, but they come in at number eight on the list because they can be only be used by those at level 90 or above, but, unlike Mastery Amulets, you can farm these from single bosses without a long dungeon, however slim your odds may be.

Whatever the case, these new amulets give an extra edge in whatever situation you may find yourself in. And with all of the potential drops from the bosses these are located at, why not try your hand at obtaining an Exalted Amulet?

Wizard101 Aquila Deck of Immortal Might Sand Squid DropNumber Seven - Deck of Immortal Might

Dropped by: Sand Squid, Poseidon Adventure, Atlantea

Whether you're a Fire wizard looking for another copy of Fiery Giant or just one wanted the extra health, this deck is perfect for you. It holds the maximum number of cards and allows six copies of any spell. The sideboard holds thirty-four treasure cards.

It currently gives more health than any other deck out there, and even fifty is a nice bonus, especially if you're a school that begins with low health like Storm. It is important to note that the Fiery Giant spell is currently either bugged or labelled incorrectly, as it places a Fire dispel instead of stunning.

This comes from the Sand Squid, who also drops the Harpy pet, so it's definitely worth trying for!

Wizard101 Aquila Hades' Tartarus Wand DropNumber Six - Hades' Wands

Dropped by: Gladiator Dimachaerus, Pitt of Noxii, Mount Olympus OR Sand Squid, Poseidon Adventure, Atlantea, OR Cronus, Cave of Nyx, Tartarus OR Hades the Unseen, Hades' Hallway, Tartarus

I assume they're dropped by all of these bosses, because I've received mine from the Sand Squid and Cronus. I also know that they can come from Hades.

The reason these wands are a must-have is because of their insane critical rating. If you pair these with a Mastery or Exalted Amulet and some other gear, you'll not only be getting critical hits on your own spells, but on those of your secondary as well.

This is perfect for going up against some mobs that you'd like to kill quickly or a Jade Turtle in PvP. And if you're Ice, not only do you get the crazy critical, but you also get 70+ block in place of the armor piercing. *cough* *overpowered*

Be sure not to pass these up - just don't go all the way to Hades trying for them specifically!

Wizard101 Aquila Amber Reagent DropNumber Five - Amber and Related Reagents

Dropped by: Gladiator Dimachaerus, Pitt of Noxii, Mount Olympus OR Sand Squid, Poseidon Adventure, Atlantea, OR Cronus, Cave of Nyx, Tartarus

When farming, I tend to find that Cronus drops these most often if you're going just after Amber.

Fortunately, now you no longer have to be a gardener to craft your spells! Fighting the level ninety bosses produces these very quickly. You win three rare reagents per battle, so your chances are good.

Seeing that you'll likely come across a lot of Merle's Whisker and Amber Dust reagents along the way as well, this is a great way to get those crafted spells quick, without the time required to farm the Loremaster over and over or garden them.

Wizard101 Aquila Best GearNumber Four - Elemental School Hades Sets

Dropped by: Hades the Unseen, Hades' Hallway, Tartarus

Hades drops two sets of gear for every school. One of them has universal resistance, and that's usually the favorite. Those are the sets I'm referring to.

While this gear is great for anybody, it's specifically a must-have for wizards of an elemental school, as their gear normally includes accuracy. Just about everything has accuracy anymore, you can even get several wands with it. So let's throw that out for power pip chance, provided by all of the elemental sets.

Having this should boost the chance significantly of those schools in PvP or PvE, making them all the more powerful. Plus, it's well-balanced, and has the universal resistance that everyone seems to think that they need. The only catch is that you've got to do a dungeon taking forty-five minutes to two hours for one shot. That makes these rare, and number four on the list!

Wizard101 Aquila Best Ring Gladiator DropNumber Three - Alpha and Omega Ring

Dropped by: Gladiator Dimachaerus, Pitt of Noxii, Mount Olympus

You know, normally, you have to pick and choose on rings and athames, but this one just about takes the cake in nearly every area. Its ten percent damage rivals even that of the common Storm damage ring, plus offers power pip chance, superior health, universal block, and incoming healing boost.

The only reason it falls below its athame counterpart is because it's dropped in Mount Olympus, and there are some other comparable rings, though this is a good fit for any wizard. I definitely recommend stopping by the Gladiator to try for this one.

Wizard101 Aquila Best Athame Cronus DropNumber Two - Blade of the Felled Titan

Dropped by: Cronus, Cave of Nyx, Tartarus

This athame positively, absolutely out-does just about every other in-game athame. Its 15% damage is the best of any athame or ring. It also has universal block, power pip chance, impressive health, and an outgoing health bonus.

This one is a little bit tougher to get and a bit rarer. It's dropped by Cronus, one of the titans, of course! Cronus is already a great farming spot, so there's absolutely no question that you need this athame.

Wizard101 Aquila Best Amulet Drop From HadesNumber One - Amulet of Divine Influence

Dropped by: Hades the Unseen, Hades' Hallway, Tartarus

If ever there was an item you needed, this would be it. Forget Mastery and Exalted Amulets, this blows those out of the water.

Instead of health and a few cards, the Amulet of Divine Influence offers two hundred health, three percent armor piercing, forty-five universal block, thirty universal critical rating, three percent universal resistance, and a Threefold Fever card.

This has to also be one of the rarest items in-game. I think only one has been spotted in the live realm so far, and it's a rare drop from Hades... no wonder.

What this amulet has to offer is just too good for any wizard to pass up. It's the ultimate must-have from Aquila, and probably ranks pretty high in terms of the whole game. Don't miss it!


I hope you learned a little bit about Aquila gear, what you need, and where to find it. I wish you luck - some of these drops are tough to come by! Also, Legends at Legends of the Spiral has decided to put up a printable checklist in three common formats for you to use to check off these items as you receive them! View it at!

How many do you have? Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to joshy123 for allowing me to use his photo of the Amulet of Divine Influence. Thanks to NoIdeas12 for allowing me to use his photo of the Exalted Storm Amulet. Both are published with their permission.


  1. I spotted two Amulets of Divine Influence last night on live. Too see the pictures I took of them for proof, go to this thread on central: Where can I get "Amulet of Divine Influence"? I posted both pictures as Hai xD. They are both on page 2.

    1. Hehe... I see! That still makes it rare. And suppose you take away the rarity factor. It's still got to be the best new item around.

  2. The exalted amulets are level 90+, not any. You also say Blade of the Felled Titan gives universal blade (I think you meant block.)

  3. Great guide! I appreciate you taking your time and narrowing down the best gear that wizards should farm for :D

  4. I've tried for blade of felled titans at least 30 times. I am a lvl life wizard and I've been both a healer of group and attacked and beaten cronus with mega hits many time. still no blade any ideas as to how to up my chances. thanks

    1. I got the blade about my fourth try. Yet I've fought the Gladiator at least 30 times with no luck on the ring. And that's what it is, pure luck. Doesn't have anything to do with hitting, healing, or any of that. Some people are just luckier than others.

  5. I never get any spells from the loremaster any ideas?

  6. I got the pet on my first try .genieve emerald blossom

  7. anyone know how a storm can now reach 178 damage?

    1. bump on that question? saw that it said on here that a storm can no reach 178 damage

    2. I read it on a Central thread somewhere.

    3. Can you send me the link to it?

    4. After some digging, I finally found it. ;)

    5. Thanks! this helped me with my storm wizard :)

  8. I also saw a dude who claims to have also gotten the Amulet of Divine Influence from the Waterworks.

  9. Learned alot as a new player. I have been playing a few months - thought that symbol for critical was for my wand lol. It looks like a wand to me......?

    1. It does indeed look like a wand! That's just the symbol for the critical stat, which is introduced around level 50.

  10. i have all of that lets go and i only had to fight him 5 times


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