Concept101: He Who Points Fingers

Ship ablaze, cannons firing, and Musketeers firing... you're in the heat of ship-to-ship combat! Every class is busy at work, including our favorite - Privateers! Because none is so important as he who points fingers.

Origins of Handsome Dan

Handsome Dan... how fitting a Privateer name, that one might insert such a prefix as that. Dan is a companion with the Admiral's Bundle, and the epitome of a Priv. - fancy hats and swords, all more for looks than anything.
Handsome Dan is actually Yale University's sports mascot - and he's a bulldog, too. Since the original, there have been at least sixteen others.

Beauty in the Art

This concept piece of Handsome Dan is his sharp, red and gold outfit in stunning. I say it time and time again - the art is oftentimes more intriguing and pleasing to the eye than the piece itself. I think that the colors here really make the art.

It is important to note that this outfit seems to be more intricate than what's currently available in-game. I don't own an Admiral's Bundle, so I'm not entirely sure, but I'd guess that this could be his next promotion - and I'm sure we're all interested in seeing that.

Love for Privateers?

Handsome Dan's Blade Storm, heal, and potential for Vengeance Strike and Relentless make him an attractive companion. And despite the fact that he's a Privateer, Dan just looks too good in that art not to love.

Don't worry, my Privateer friends, I haven't gone entirely crazy. Our ongoing feud will surely continue, and my page (HERE) dedicated to you is still up. (For those that don't know, this is a friendly and humorous feud)

What do you think of Privateers? Er... What do you think of the art piece? Am I the only one for which it gives an all-new perspective of Handsome Dan?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Nice to see Handsome Dan getting his own post. I hope he ends up looking like Admiral Doggett one day.

  2. Sadly I have heard that no one really likes Handsome Dan AS a companion. For example he is Justin's favorite and least favorite companion. He looks awesome but he is pretty terrible in any battle situation of any level. :(

  3. Dan isn't a bad companion, but his major weakness (And most other Privateers') is the fact that most can't train accuracy. He and Lucky Jack are practically twins, too. Same epics, and (General) stats. The only differences are that Lucky Jack has a Critical Strike power, and can train accuracy, while Handsome Dan has a heal, and can't train accuracy. And that extra accuracy makes a huge difference, especially in Aquila.

  4. I would have to disagree with Lionrider I know SorceressMiklai has a Handsome Dan and so did I. His final promotion is what's in the Artwork. As for his viability he's like most Privateer companions. He can fill certain niches, if trained properly.


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