Wizard101 UK Summer Super Party Recap and Contest!

This was our second annual Wizard101 UK Summer Super Party. And though it may have been a bit smaller this year, it was entertaining as always, and several of the fansiters had the support of Gameforge to deliver a fun and exciting event to the UK community.

Party Contests

As the party began, we (Anthony Deathbane of Legends of the Spiral and myself) realized that Mason and Atonio weren't online, and a few of the other fansiters were busy elsewhere...

The two of us selected the best dressed male and female there, who each won a hoard pack. The female winner was Ellie Windheart, and the male winner was John Thunderdreamer.

I also ran around becoming friends with various winners and trading out Treasure Cards, including Steal Wards, Scarecrows, and Mends, as well as eight and nine-pip spells and crafted spell treasure cards.

Player versus Player Matches!

After the contests died down, we moved to the PvP arena, where I was happy to jump in and get things started. Several players followed.

Being a lower level and having a team that was generally lower on health than the others, we didn't do so... it was fun, anyway.

Spectating and Chatting

After my match, I stepped aside so that others could have a chance, as pack rewards were being given to the winning teams. I gave out a few more treasure cards and had a chat with Anthony, while watching a few of the other PvP matches.

But prizes didn't conclude there!

Care to Win Something?

Here's your opportunity to win a few prizes! Send in your screenshot from the UK Summer Super Party to swordroll(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject "UK Party Screenshot Contest" - be sure to include your wizard name! Here are additional details:

  • Again, be sure to include your wizard name
  • Do not include real-life names or details
  • Do not include account information
  • You may write a description if you wish, but it is not required
  • This contest closes Friday, August 23rd at 6 PM CST

One grand prize winner will receive a code for a Fire House, Permanent Phoenix Mount, Evil Magma Pea, and Burning Pixie Pet. Two first prize winners will receive 10 Mend Treasure Cards and 5 Steal Ward treasure cards - you will have to meet me in-game to receive these. Remember that codes and cards are ONLY valid in Wizard101 UK!

That's it for now! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Hey Sword, how are you? I'm here to invite you to the Pirate101 Mania 1st Blog Anniversary, I would be very much apreciated if you could come!
    Here's the details:

    Where and When?
    This Saturday, 24th of August, One-Eyed Jack Realm, on Captain Steed's Villa.
    Starting at 2pm CST to 5pm CST.

    What will we do?

    Speech on Captain's Steed Villa with discussion on next update.
    Race on Sivella, you can win a small prize.
    Phule Farms on Granchia
    PVP over at Skull Island

    Thanks for reading and please come by!

  2. Its Ellie Windheart, not Ellie Winddreamer, but I'm glad you sorta metioned me.. x) Btw, the party was great!


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