Pirate101 Power Ideas

Well, I don't usually throw around power/spell ideas, but the topic came up on Twitter, and I thought I'd give it a shot. I've come up with some various ideas for Pirate101 powers. For some, I knew just what they needed, and on others, I wasn't sure, so please offer your feedback! These are older, but I haven't shared them here before.

Here they are - there are three for each class.


Goal: Allow the class to more effectively keep melee attackers from being able to attack them, balancing the recent addition of bomb timers and keeping them at the same level as other classes

"Lightning Charge"; Range: Infinite (and ignored obstacles like Big Guns); Damage: 1x; Attack area: 3x3; Duration: 10 rounds; Effect: Does 1x damage to everyone and everything in that 3x3 square. Does 1x to things that enter that area, and does 1x damage to things that remain in that area at the end of the round; Purpose: Gives the Musketeer class a new type of attack that fits their theme. Because bombs have timers, this balances by allowing for more traps.

"Cold Feet"; Range: Infinite (IS affected by line of sight); Damage: 1.5x; Attack area: 1x1; Duration: 10 rounds; Effect: Attacks enemy with ice shards and reduces their movement range by 4 for ten rounds; Purpose: Allows Musketeers to better hold off quick enemies who move it, as melee usually wins when up next to a Musketeer.

"Capture"; Range: 6; Damage: 1x; Attack area: 2x2; Duration: 5 rounds; Effect: Shoots a net trap at the enemies in the 2x2 area, attacking and reducing their movement range by 2 for five turns; Purpose: Furthers the idea of the Musketeer in that enemies are unable to move in to attack.


Goal: Further the class's basic abilities, and give them a little bit more fortification for fights against melee enemies

"Raise Army"; Range: Infinite (Not affected by obstacles); Damage: -; Area: 3x3; Duration: -; Effect: Raises a 3x3 area of level 20 skeletons that are both ranged and melee units; Purpose: Gives Witchdoctors a way to attack without even being remotely close, and is a spin on their classic minion.

"Stop Time"; Range: 5; Damage: 1x; Area: 1x1; Duration: 1 round; Effect: Hits the enemy and makes that single unit only unusable next round. They can still sort through powers, just not use any of them or attack; Purpose: Continues the "Charm" type of manipulation a Witchdoctor has.

"Preserve"; Range: Infinite (Not affected by obstacles); Damage: 100; Area: 1x1; Duration: 3 rounds; Effect: This is a power used on your team. It costs you fifty damage to the chosen unit, and makes them unable to move, and unable to be attacked. It also costs 50 damage when it wears off; Purpose: Instead of giving Witchdoctors healing abilities, they have this to save a unit until they can move in and shield him or heal him, or simply take out the attacking unit.


Goal: Give Buccaneers a unique purpose beyond other melee units, and further their ability to survive tough encounters

"Critical Point"; Range: -; Damage: -; Area: 1x1; Duration: 2 rounds; Effect: -75% physical damage for the pirate only for those two turns; Purpose: Allows the underpowered Buccaneers to survive a key point in a battle.

"Encase"; Range: 4; Damage: -; Area: Perimeter of a 4x4; Duration: 3 rounds; Effect: closes an area with obstacles, each at 500 health. They only last for 3 rounds, however.; Purpose: Allows the Buccaneer to attack directly without worry of running Witchdoctors or Musketeers, and closes out other units.

"Retribution"; Range: 4; Damage: -; Area: 1x1; Duration: 5 rounds; Effect: 50% of damage dealt to the unit is all dealt to the dealer; Purpose: Gives Buccaneers a little bit more to work with than just basic hits. Makes it possible for them to protect more than just themselves.


Goal: Gives some additional abilities to Swashbucklers as far as movement and longevity are concerned, while keeping them at the proper power level

"Ease of Movement"; Range: -; Damage: 300; Area: -; Duration: -; Effect: At the cost of 300 damage to the pirate, they may move to any square on the board, but may not attack that round; Purpose: Gives the Swashbuckler more options with attacks and their hidden ability, while preventing them for being able to attack from anywhere.

"Reverse Guarding"; Range: -; Damage: -; Area: -; Duration: 5 rounds; Effect: Any damage done to the pirate is channeled to the adjacent companions, divided evenly among them; Purpose: Gives Swashbucklers something better than sudden death. Compensates for their lack of resistance.

"Creativity"; Range: Normal Movement; Damage: 1x; Area: 3x3, but acts like poison in that you must move into the center of the area; Duration: 5 rounds; Effect: Does damage to adjacent enemies and reduces accuracy by 25%; Purpose: Continues AoE abilities, while being able to reduce the accuracy of opponents.


Goal: Provide a sufficient upgrade and variety in abilities to Privateers without further overpowering them

"Channel Health"; Range: Infinite (takes obstacles into account); Damage: -; Area: 1x1; Duration: -; Effect: Kills unit (your own unit, not an enemy's) and transfers remaining health +50% to Privateer; Purpose: Give Privateers further fortification, which is balanced by the companion cost.

"Afterlife"; Range: 5; Damage: -; Area: 1x1; Duration: -; Effect: Minor Healing and allows unit to be healed after death. So the companion has an "x" like the pirate and can be healed instead of indefinitely dying; Purpose: Follows the Privateer class, improves range of abilities.

"Powercharge"; Range: -; Damage: -; Area: 1x1; Duration: 3 rounds; Effect: -50% accuracy, -50% dodge, +75% damage to all units; Purpose: Supercharges Privateer damage, accounting for lack of pure damage hits, while subtracting a manageable about amount of accuracy and dodge offset by power-ups.


  1. These are good ideas, but I'm a little confused on some of their effects.

    Musketeer- All are ok.

    Buccaneer- There is already an ability called Retribution. The name should be changed to avoid confusion.
    Critical Point sounds like an upgraded Leviathan's Call which I don't know if it's necessary right now.

    Swashbuckler-As a swashbuckler myself, I'm not fond of Reverse Guarding. Even with our low health, why would we want to harm our allies? I would not want to sacrifice Sarah Steele or any of my Companions for my own well being. I feel the spell should be change to redirect one enemies damage to all adjacent enemies, divided equally.

    I would change the name of "Creativity" to better fit the other 2 AoE spells if you're trying to continue that chain (Dance of Steel, Gambit of Steel). If not and you're starting a whole new chain of powers, I would still change the name. Creativity just doesn't roll off the tongue well for me. Maybe... Jig of Steel? Also you may want to include "Triggers epics" as it would follow Gambit of Steels well...gambit.

    Ease of Movement is okay but I'd think Agile is a fitting name. But 300 damage for unlimited movement where Swahbucklers already have the greatest speed? And then we can not attack the next round (cause the run you cast the power, you can't make a move. Unless you're also including no First Strike or Riposte). I just don't see the spell...

    Swashbucklers may have low health, but we make up for it in damage and dodgy (which majorly helpls). I think increased Armour and Resist is better.

    Witchdoctor-Stop Time should simply say stunned for their effect. In Preserve, being unable to attack the ally, especially in PvP, is interesting, but wouldn't this be just like Valor's Armor just taking self damage?

    I like Raising Army, but maybe Cursed Legion?

    Privateer-Channel Health is a big no for me. Privateers are about supporting the team not tearing them down. I don't think this should involve loosing a Companion, which Privateer rely on more than any other school, is fitting of their school aspect.

    For Powercharge, I think you should knock -50% dodgy and accuracy to 25% as it's an upgraded "Fighting Fervor"

    Afterlife is cool.

  2. i thought of a witchdoctor power
    resurrect- bring back one fallen companion.
    it's not as thought out as your ideas, but it's still cool. what do you think of it?


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