A Companion/Gear Consideration

One of the greatest things about Pirate101 is the gear diversity. There's simply so much of it and the drops are rare enough that everyone has their own set. Sure, there are some universally desired and acquired items, but it's tough to get everything you want for every situation. But what exactly are you looking for, anyway?

(As a side note, I don't normally like non-game pieces mixed with art or objects from the game, but I like that illustration there - what do you think?)

Concerning Gear

What you wear can make or break any strategy in PvP and PvE. The right gear in PvE not only means a successful battle, but also efficiency. In PvP, every tiny advantage you can come by can enable you to overcome an opponent.

While your decisions ultimately decide the course of combat, you are limited to what you have to work with from the start. And whether or not you're a PvPer, options are important. Skill, in my mind, doesn't come with planning the perfect attack. It comes with assessing a situation and choosing one of many prepared options to best respond to a situation.

What happens when PvPers get bored? Cret92 had a great idea. Adrian Silver,
Hardy Hunter Hawkins, Cret92, Wolf7234, and I all jumped into a match and
spelled out "PVP" with out units. A volley of attacks followed.

Stats vs. Cards

The underlying issue here is whether or not the gear that everyone is farming for should be primarily based around statistics or the cards they give. Some on Twitter thought I was farming Tyson with Petnome Pirates (Piratin' Pets) for his gear for lower level wizards of mine, when, in fact, it was for me. A level 65 Musketeer. (Shout-out to my Privateer friends HERE)

Everyone seems to think a little bit differently here - some want impressive base stats that make them a lot tougher than they first appear, ready to handle a multitude of situations. Others like cards, hoping that the variety of powers allows them to outplay the opponent or efficiently best the creatures which they are fighting.

Where do Companions Fit in?

Companions are an idea that completely changes the dynamics of combat. Now, instead of just a wizard against a wizard, you're fighting a full battle with up to four other units. Sometimes none, one, two, or three.

Captain Nathaniel Everhart, with his absorb shield and Ruby Slicer, prepares
to strike with a special attack... just one step to stage right, Nathaniel!

These companions play a large role in defeating whatever you happen to be fighting. While they may not have the power selection you do, they have a variety of epic abilities and powers that provide them with the necessary tools for efficient killing, er... defeating.

Here's the big point, though. On average, three out of four units in combat do *not* rely on your armor's stats. There's something to be said for that. In my mind, it tells me to get rid of gear that I'm using purely for its attractive statistics and start using gear with powers that provide me with enough diversity to get ahead quick.

I don't need good armor. I don't intent to be within the range of melee units as it is. I don't need extreme accuracy. Powers are guaranteed hits. But cards... I could certainly make use of those. That is the companion/gear consideration.

As for You?

The only question left now is exactly why you do or don't agree. Will it be cards for you, or stats?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Cret92 for the idea for the PvP photo; those involved have their names listed above. Eli Stormheart is in the second picture.

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  1. As long as I can get out victorius of a fight, I preffer the looks a bit better.
    But stats interest me more than cards.


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