Three Christmases (And Other Important Notes)

December is a huge month in the KingsIsle community for a number of reasons, but not just in Wizard101 US - In fact, Wizard101 UK and Pirate101 have some major things happening, too. Here's a look at your December! Get excited!

When I said that Wizard101 US wasn't the only one with news, that certainly wasn't to suggest that they're short on news. Quite the opposite, in fact. Check out what's going on:

December Bulletin: The December Wizard101 Us Bulletin is a great place to start in looking for community news. This month's describes the upcoming Yuletide Celebrations, fansite contests, and more. It'll even show you step-by-step how to draw a Gobbler! And, have you ever wanted to write a postcard to your favorite Wizard101 professor? The December Bulletin gives you the chance. Take a look HERE.

Plant-A-Palooza: Plant-A-Palooza is back, and it's a great opportunity to save on your favorite items! You can get up to 50% off Crown Shop plant purchases, so act now, because this celebration ends December 6th. You can also get a free seed for every account. Get yours by redeeming the promo code "seed" or clicking HERE before December 6th.

Pre-Paid Card Pet Updates: This month, all giftcard pets come with a Dragonblade Card - and everyone could use a little extra power! Grab your cards before this month ends. After January, you'll have to wait another year for this opportunity! Check out a list of prepaid cards HERE. Speaking of pets, if you played Grub Guardian for a pet in November, you should be receiving it in your gift box between December 3rd and 10th.

Holidays are Here: The holidays are here, and that means that Felix is back with his usual Christmas goodies in the Shopping District, and things are being decorated for the holidays. There are also massive fansite giveaways going on for retired wands, bundles, and crowns! Check out all of the fansites giving away prizes on the December Ravenwood Bulletin page listed above.

In Wizard101 UK, just about as much is happening! Here's what to watch for!

Ninja Celebration Day: Today at 18:00 in the UK, in the zones of Mooshu, the Ninja Celebration Day Event will begin! With ninja-pig members of the staff hiding around MooShu, Ninja Lore Pack prizes, and more, this is one event that you don't want to miss!

Storm School Celebration: The Storm School celebration happens this month - but it's just beginning. Until midnight tonight, you can still submit banner entries HERE for a chance to win a few hoard packs! To keep up to date on all of the Storm School Celebration news, follow THIS thread on the boards!

Magic Advent Calender: Wizard101 UK has put in to place one of the neatest things I've seen for Christmas so far, and one that works perfectly for Wizard101 UK and its community - an advent calender. Each day, you can click on a door, and answer a question. Don't worry if you miss spelling, just make sure you get it right! At the end of the day, Wizard101 UK checks all answers, and all correct answers are entered into a drawing to win a prize. There are six winners each day, and the prizes range from elixirs and packs to mounts, plus a special surprise on the 24th! Enter HERE or read the announcement HERE.

While you might be overwhelmed already, Pirate101 decided to throw us off even further with a couple new things themselves!

Fancy Login Screens: While Wizard101 US has login screens (one displayed below) and all for the holidays, Pirate101's are particularly interesting, as they seem to feature Polarian and ship attack concepts. Does this mean something new is coming - like a world? Sounds like another post for another day.

Website Makeover: Pirate101 has added some interesting touches to their website for the holidays! Check them out at!

December Bulletin: Pirate101 is making its way to Wizard's level by introducing their monthly bulletins! This one includes the Puppet Pirates winner, a recap of Veteran's Day, and information on some of the newest features. It also alerts us that fansites might be having some surprises this month, and shows a candy cane image saved as "cane-sword-w". Read it HERE.

Pirate101 PvP: The Pirate101 Test Realm is open again, and this time with basic PvP! Play 1v1 at select houses or open 4v4 in one of two Skull Island shacks. J. Todd Coleman notes that this is just basics, and that other features will be available in the future. Pirate101 PvP works a bit differently than Wizard101, having potential to be more balanced. However, the classes are also much more different. Sounds like another post. Download the Test Realm HERE and read the updates HERE.

That's it for now, but we've got something special for you for the holidays! Stay tuned! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Swordroll, I am thinking about the Pirate101 Polaris may be after Marleybone in Pirate101, I have a way it may go though: the last Mooshu skyway ---> Marleybone ---> Valencia ---> Polaris.It makes sense to back to Valencia because the Armada did stop the Polarians from conquering the spiral.We may finally see the person who created Kane while we are there.I got many possibilities for waht could happen in the next levels past 50.

    1. I think we'll definitely be back to Valencia. In fact, I think the only worlds that we finished entirely were Skull Island and Cool Ranch. The rest have more skyways, and were fairly short.

      The windstone required for Aquila is actually the some one required for Marleybone, so I imagine we'll be tackling a war on two fronts. Aquila being one of the four "Spiral powers," I imagine it might also have a stormgate to Polaris.

    2. Just a correction to Aquila being one of the four "spiral powers," I checked the Pirate101 website and it doesn't show the Aquila world symbol on the background story page that talks about the great worlds you emerged in power and the ones who stayed neutral.

    3. I was using that in terms of Valencia's four statues that you visit - they were a major factor in the Polarian Wars, and a key part of the storyline.

  2. hey it me again robin, what you use to edit your stuff again

    1. Hey, Robin.

      I use a free program called GIMP to edit my images.


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