The Missing Pet Mystery: Part 1

If you're reading this, you've been selected to be a part of an ongoing investigation regarding a theft in my primary home. Recently, a rare pet was stolen from outside of my Pyramid of the Lost Horizon - and it's your job to explain the mystery and get it back! That's not the best part, though. Completing pieces or all of the mystery could win you some impressive prizes - in Wizard101 US, Wizard101 UK, and Pirate101!

Lets get started!

[This mystery is a contest celebrating the Spiral-wide holiday season and Wizard101 UK's anniversary on December 15th... complete parts or all of it for exclusive sneak peek of upcoming posts on Swordroll's Blog, and some exciting prizes!]

This all started a few days back, when I hosted a Spiral-wide party in my Pyramid of the Lost Horizon. It really was a fantastic ordeal - the magic radiating from wizards' staves and wands reflected off of the silver of pirates' swords. However, suddenly, as though with the flip of a switch, everything went dark...

When the dust, smoke, ashes ...something... cleared, everyone and everything seems in-tact. The only thing missing was my precious Dark Crow pet - now, what was his name? You see, I just have so many - but I can tell when one is missing!

I have my suspicions about who would be desiring such a pet... but I can't be sure without some hard evidence. While I investigate the crime scene, I'll give you a quick overview of the area! (Click to enlarge)

To get started, I think you should talk to a friend of mine - Daring Dave Hawkins. This Cat Pirate is one that you don't want to mess around with. He's a little nervous to make public appearances, but you can email him at daringdavehawkins (at) gmail (dot) com. Put your influential skills to the test in this first leg of the mystery!

How to Play The Missing Pet Mystery

To compete in The Missing Pet Mystery contest, you don't need to dedicate a load of time and effort - all you have to do is give it your best. Simply follow contest instructions posted here every couple of days. For example, emailing Daring Dave Hawkins today. This will further your place in the contest.

For every portion of the mystery you complete, you'll receive a special certificate with a code word - send your code word to swordroll (at) swordroll (dot) com to be entered into a drawing for amazing prizes! 

When you send your email, include which game you are trying to win prizes for. Each time you complete a portion of the mystery and submit a code word, you get another entry into the contest. 

MPM Part 1: Dealing with Daring Dave
MPM Part 2: "Bazaar" Happenings
MPM Part 3: A Pirate Haven
MPM Part 4: Through the Grape Vine
MPM Part 5: When Websites Collide


Wizard101 US
(1) Grand Prize: 5,000 Crowns, Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Viridian Scepter
(1) First Place: 1,000 Crowns, Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Viridian Scepter
(1) Second Place: Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Staff of the Imperator
(1) Third Place: Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Staff of the Imperator
(1) Fourth Place: FOG Staff
(1) Fifth Place: Warpwood Wand
(5) Runners Up: Dragonclaw Blade

Wizard101 UK
(1) Grand Prize: Exclusive Wizard101 UK InComm Card (5,000 crowns) with high quality card photo
(1) First Place: Gifted Remarkable Reagents Pack, 15 Mend Cards, 15 Steal Ward Cards, 15 Harvest Lord Cards
(1) Second Place: 10 Mend Cards, 10 Steal Ward Cards, 10 Harvest Lord Cards
(1) Third Place: 5 Mend Cards, 5 Steal Ward Cards
(1) Fourth Place: 5 Mend Cards
(1) Fifth Place: 5 Steal Ward Cards
(5) Runners Up: 2 Harvest Lord Cards

(1) Grand Prize: 10,000 Crowns
(1) First Place: 1,000 Crowns
(1) Second Place: Exclusive Ninja Pig Companion

Special Contest Notes: Wizard101 US Goldenbeak Swords are exclusive to and courtesy of Legends of the Spiral and their WCAA program. Wizard101 US Dragonclaw Blades are exclusive to and courtesy of Duelist101. Wizard101 US Staff of the Imperator wands are exclusive to and courtesy of Ravenwood Radio. All codes are from outside sources and are guaranteed to the extent that those sources guarantee them. Several Wizard101 UK items must be given in-game; these items include, but are not limited to: Remarkable Reagents Pack, Mend Cards, Steal Ward Cards, Harvest Lord Cards. Pirate101 codes are from outside sources and are guaranteed to the extent that those sources guarantee them. Where you are an official fansite owner, you are exempt from participation, and attempted participation results in disqualification in all categories. That is, Wizard101 US official fansite owners may not enter the Wizard101 portion of the contest, and so on. Those who have copied or stolen from Swordroll's Blog are exempt from winning. Furthermore, Swordroll's Blog has the right to refuse service or prizes to and one user upon a valid conclusion that said user should be deemed ineligible for prizes or has not played fairly. I simply enter names into, I do not control the winner. Winners are selected by a single randomization, recorded and available by request. This selection is final. This contest begins at the time of posting, and will conclude before December is over - exact date to come. No extensions will be granted. Questions or concerns can be emailed to swordroll (at) gmail (dot) com.

Okay - get to it, because you know those prizes are worth playing for! In time, I will add a temporary icon to the website for this contest, and it will soon be available on the Contests page. Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. do we have to ask any questions at this time or just send him a email?

    1. Good question! Your job is to investigate the crime, so it probably wouldn't be most beneficial for you to just send any old email.

      However, at the current point in time, I have no instructions otherwise. Strike up a conversation, see where it leads you, and work toward completion of Part 1... I'll tell you this, Daring Dave is the key to completing Part 1 - but you can get started however you like.

  2. ok ty i went ahead and played the detective anyway lol

  3. OK it up to me to solve the case, I don't know if I am as good as Sherlock Bones!

  4. Hmmm....No Response....Now I am thinking there is more to this first clue than just sending an email. Is this really what is like to be at the solving end of these things....Ahhhhhh!

    1. Oh, there's more to Part 1 than a single email. In running this contest, I've found that, yes, it is much more fun to be on the creating end... I only fear I enjoy the contest more so than the participants! :P

      The difference in this contest is that you're dealing with people and having to read between the lines... your wits won't get you entirely through this one!

  5. lol i acted all mysterious and detective-like when i sent the email

  6. I keep frantically checking my email to find the next step... But there's nothing.


  7. isn't part two suppose to come out today?

  8. Not getting an email... What's going on? this is the second day, or is it the third? I don't know.

    1. One way this contest is different is that you aren't just solving a posted puzzle and turning it in. You are interacting with real people attempting to solve a mystery. As such, not everyone will be online to respond to your messages every day. Keep watching for an email - you've got plenty of time.


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