Level 90 Waterworks-Style Gear Needed?

Introduction // One of the largest parts of Wizard101, and most content-filled topics, is gear. You see, everyone has their own preferences, and strategies. While KingsIsle has intended for all wizards to choose different gear, they've only made it halfway. Many are now asking - do we need a new, level 90 dungeon giving us Waterworks-style gear?

Why Diversify Gear? // In many other games I've played, end-game gear is actually uncommon. Sure, some things are better than others, and everyone has their preferences, but a set-in-stone outfit isn't really in order. When everyone wears the same thing, you have to ask yourself - where's the difference? Just spells. Lets be honest, KingsIsle is pretty talented, but unless they gave every school the same spells, they wouldn't be equal.

Consequently, every school has to have adjustments to statistics, and some are better in different situations than others. Furthermore, KingsIsle makes gear difficult enough to achieve, that not every wizard gets what is considered to be the best of everything.

Besides, everyone should be able (or forced, rather) to make their own gear decisions - it's an important part of any game. Not everyone is geared (pun intended) the same way.

...And KingsIsle Agrees // In one of their update notes, as I mentioned above, Wizard101 announced proudly that wizards would not wear the same gear any more! Apparently, whoever put stats on the Waterworks gear didn't get the memo.

They've tried to change up their gear through crafting, special instances, rare drops, and putting "No Auction" on a variety of sets, but they just aren't quite there yet. But they're close.

So, About This Waterworks-Style Gear // The easy answer is no - we don't need any level 90 Waterworks-style gear. In fact, we need just the opposite. What KingsIsle should do is provide us with so many pieces of gear, all with their own ups and downs, that everyone will be torn, and no universal opinion will be formed.

To this day, many wizards believe that Waterworks gear is still the best out there... 30 levels past its time. However, KingsIsle has introduced some nice crafted boots that just about crush the stats of Waterworks. They've thrown in some crafted hats with nice critical ratings to pull those that love chance in. And, while it isn't universal resist, they've introduced items that offer a total resistance that is greater than that given by Waterworks gear.

The Solution // I think we all agree that it wouldn't be ideal for KingsIsle to "nerf" Waterworks gear (and certainly not introduce more of it). I think, then, that the best solution, at this point, is to wait it out. KingsIsle is doing a pretty good job at creating fairly diverse gear. Not everyone is a crafter, and so some people will be using the latest crafting robe and boots (and maybe the hat), while others will not. Some, short on time, will stick with their Waterworks gear. Others will find that some of the newer dropped gear at level 86 and up is really fairly impressive. And some will choose gear from hoards or bundles.

As long as they continue on this path, I think they'll be fine. The key idea here is making sure that we do not get another Waterworks-style instance... at least not with gear.

Any Ideas? // The main thing to concentrate on when creating new gear is appeal vs. diversity. KingsIsle should ask the question - does this have any appeal at the required level and above against gear already owned? That being said, does it not overrule all other gear, and require choices to be made?

For example, suppose that at level 98+, there's a Death deck that allows for 6 of any spell, and up to 9 copies of Death spells. It gives 75 health, 3% incoming healing boost, and 3% outgoing healing boost. It has a total space limit of 64 spells, with a sideboard of 32.

Now, suppose KingsIsle created a level 100+ Death deck that allows for 7 of any spell, up to 10 copies of Death spells. It gives 100 health, 4% incoming healing boost, and 4% outgoing healing boost. It has a total space limit of 64 spells, with a sideboard of 35. Nope. Throw out this idea now. It might sound like the level increase allows for a more powerful piece of gear, but that shouldn't always be the case.

Suppose they created a level 100+ Death deck that allows for 8 of any spell that gives 50 health and 5% incoming healing boost. It has a maximum of 64 spells, with a sideboard of 35. This is perfect. It lowers the number of Death spells you can have in your deck, gives less health, and gives no outgoing healing boost. However, you get two more spots for off-school spells than you ever had before, which can be great for use with Mastery Amulets. The health decrease isn't terrible, and you get a slightly raised incoming healing boost.

Now imagine they created a level 100+ Death deck that allows for 6 of any spell, and up to 7 copies of Death, Myth, and Life spells. It gives 100 health, 1% incoming healing boost, and has a total space limit of 48 spells, with a sideboard of 64. Woah! Now, you've got three crazy deck options. In this instance, you have a deck with the normal amount of universal spots, with a slightly lower number of permitted Death spells. However, it allows for more Myth and Life spells, too. It gives better health, despite the incoming and outgoing health drawbacks. Finally, the deck sacrifices normal spell space for a maximum number of treasure card slots.

Conclusion // Now... give me ten people, and I'll guarantee they don't all choose the same deck from above. That's what we're looking for in gear.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I think the deck ideas are okay, but its missing ONE thing. we NEED more than 64 cards!!

    1. Actually, 64 cards entirely fills the deck space. Since I don't think we'll ever have multi-page decks, I'm guessing that's it. We'll get more space for Treasure Cards, though! KingsIsle is probably adding health and healing boosts for this reason, too.

      In addition, elite groups like the Mercenaries For Hire practice small and concise deck strategies that tend to work well. While there are certainly situations where bigger is better, learning a variety of methods can be helpful, and every battle is currently more than possible with 64 cards or less! :)

    2. I just don't like the 5-cards-then-reshuffle-and-lose-4-pips strategy.

      -a different anonymous

  2. Kingisle should make more diverse gear, just putting more powerful gear for higher level is one, but when they give the same stats with some slight differences, it's not right. You're deck example is really good. There is no diversity! Each player is unique in each way. Adding gear with many different stats will mean that they will cover more players styles and that means more players will have an easier time playing the game. For example let's take an lvl 25 deck, no school speciality. It has 35 total card space, max 4 copies and 10 sideboard. You can put that in so many ways, like 9 sideboard, 3 max copies, 40 total or 32 total, max 4 copies, 5 sideboard and 2% accuracy for all spells.

    Kingisle should let their creative side free.

  3. I really have to agree with you, Swordroll. The waterworks gear is a bit outdated, but people are combining the crafted gear with the waterworks gear. That's not a bad idea for anybody.

  4. i totally agree that kings isle doesnt catch all strategy's... my strategy is healing and in the mean time blade and trap untill i find one of my spells to one hit k o my opponent... that means i need loads of heal boost and a high resist for all schools with high crit block... there is no gear combination that let me get that status! not even crafted gear has such defensive combination... they should get gear thats focused on one or more status (up to 4 statusses at max), you could think of my playing style, wich would require universal resist, incoming and outgoing heal boost and crit block... for more offensive players maybe crit with damage powerpip chance and accuracy/pierce... this way everyone could get the status to fit its playing style... hope kings isle reads this and use this idea

  5. Honestly, think we have enough gear that's diverse. Waterworks gear is unique to every school, think KingsIsle should make more dungeons and have better stats for the overall wizards. People are entitled to do as they like, some people want official gear while others prefer different things.

    As for the decks, it would be better with more space to add in more additional spells. There's different decks people can use, no need to try to implement only one type on every high-ranked wizard. Think KI should follow a more traditional path and add more diversification to make things better for all wizards - think of everyone as a whole.

  6. Lvl 90 and still usuing my waterworks gear, with the exception of my crafted 86 boots :)


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