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Well, I haven't been neglecting the blog - trust me! I've been back in the hospital for a second surgery, but I'm working my way back onto my feet. I've got a few quick updates and other blog highlights to keep you busy until I'm back up and running!

New At Swordroll's Blog // Over the next few days, I'll be sending out some more posts, including Part 3 of the mystery! It isn't too late to get started - as my absence has caused a bit of schedule upset, the contest will continue into January. The deadline will not be set until Part 5 is released. A new portion is released three to seven days after the previous one under normal circumstances.

There are also a couple of post series that I've hinted at previously that are still in the works - stay tuned!

Check These Out! // The latest episode of Pieces of Eight Radio just went live tonight. Shortly after, the crew put up a poll asking whether you preferring to sink your ships in broadside combat or board them and fight! 

Interesting question - for some, the answer seems obvious, but when you look at the matter in-depth, there's quite a bit more to it. One of the blogs you should definitely check out has outlined the matter in three, extensive parts!

Conclusion // At Swordroll's Blog, I'm dedicated to bringing you information and tips that you can't find anywhere else - anyone can post news updates and put up a photo of the latest Crown Shop items, or re-post a video, but not everyone offers in-depth opinions on the latest features and updates, guides, tools, custom-created games and entertainment, and free, downloadable tools. 

Swordroll's Blog is working to create strong, static pages and then continue to offer long-standing content through the blog portion of the website, with tricks to last your entire gaming and blogging career, and stories and photos that will entertain and educate for months after their posting.

Stick with me through this downtime, and I promise I'll be back up and running shortly! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. glad to hear you are doing better. and it is great you will be sending out part 3 but i still havent gotten part 2 yet lol


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