The 12 Days of the Spiral: Days 1-4

Last year began an unprecedented Christmas celebration - the twelve days (actually thirteen, but for the sake of names, KingsIsle has gone with twelve). Well, it's back this year, and better than ever! With a new charity mount, and the introduction of Pirate101, it could only properly be named "The 12 Days of the Spiral." Sing with me, now. On the first day of the Spiral, KI gave to me - a partridge in a... wait, is that a llama on ice skates? 

I always knew that KingsIsle was creative with their mounts... but they've really outdone themselves with this charity benefit item - the Fa-la-la-la (That's three "la's") Llama Mount. At a cost of 7500 crowns, this mount is available in both Wizard101 and Pirate101, and all proceeds are donated to local charities near KingsIsle's headquarters in Texas.

To your right, you'll find a beautiful concept of the llama, translated practically perfectly in-game.

While the first day does start us off on a big scale, there's no doubt that the other eleven or twelve days are sure to be just as exciting!

The second day, KingsIsle introduced their Gingerbread House/Ship contest. The winner(s) will receive 60,000 crowns, so this is one contest that you can't miss out on. You can bake and create your own house or ship in real life that relates to Wizard101 or Pirate101, or you can use the template to design a computer-created gingerbread house or ship.

Read more about the Gingerbread house and ship contest HERE.

The third day offered a free Pirate101 holiday housing item - and it's still available! Simply redeem the promotion code "Decorate" for your free item!

The fourth day of the Spiral is a big one - 50% of select items in both the Wizard101 and Pirate101 Crown Shop! These range from mounts to Life Mastery Amulets to pets. See the complete list HERE, and act quickly, as this sale ends today!

What do you think is coming in the next few days? Stay tuned for all of the updates! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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