The Missing Pet Mystery: Part 2

If you're reading this, you've been selected to be a part of an ongoing investigation regarding a theft in my primary home. Recently, a rare pet was stolen from outside of my Pyramid of the Lost Horizon - and it's your job to explain the mystery and get it back! That's not the best part, though. Completing pieces or all of the mystery could win you some impressive prizes - in Wizard101 US, Wizard101 UK, and Pirate101!

If you've not yet completed Part 1, begin it HERE. To play Part 2, you must have received (but no necessarily redeemed) your Part 1 certificate. Part 1 does not end until the entire contest concludes.

I've had some time, now that the excitement has died down, to further investigate the crime scene

Number One is the area in which my Dark Crows reside - one was found missing. Number Two and Number Five are Pagoda-Shaped Urns. Number 3 is one of my Stone Water Fountains. Number 4 is a mysterious teleporter next to a hidden camera. Number 6 is the path I ran out to the commotion. Number 7 is the path a mysterious person took toward the teleporter.

Those of you who spoke with Daring Dave Hawkins in Part 1 should have a better idea about those items. For further insight, I contacted another, well, not exactly another person. My UK parallel, Digby Dragondust (me), noticed some interesting things at the party. However, I only seem to remember them from his perspective. Well, he's (I've) been pretty nervous about the whole thing, so I haven't really been in contact with myself... Eh, nevermind this.

In essence, I can be pretty confusing at times, even to myself. Anyway, Digby left me with a maze of files, and his statements are hidden somewhere inside. I can't seem to figure the whole thing out, so maybe you can. Send me an email at, and I'll send you the file. I'll talk with you then about where to go from there.

[I will be in for another surgery tomorrow morning - you may not received a response right away]

Best of luck!

How to Play File Find
1. In the email I'll send you, click on the file and Download it
2. Click "Open" to open the folder
3. Find the button under "File" or on your toolbar that says "Extract all files" 

4. Follow the popup instructions on extracting the files
5. Open the new folder and begin clicking through files until you find the message!

How to Play The Missing Pet Mystery

To compete in The Missing Pet Mystery contest, you don't need to dedicate a load of time and effort - all you have to do is give it your best. Simply follow contest instructions posted here every couple of days. For example, emailing Daring Dave Hawkins in Part 1, and emailing Swordroll and playing File Find today. This will further your place in the contest.

For every portion of the mystery you complete, you'll receive a special certificate with a code word - send your code word to swordroll (at) swordroll (dot) com to be entered into a drawing for amazing prizes! 

When you send your email, include which game you are trying to win prizes for. Each time you complete a portion of the mystery and submit a code word, you get another entry into the contest. 

MPM Part 1: Dealing with Daring Dave
MPM Part 2: "Bazaar" Happenings
MPM Part 3: A Pirate Haven
MPM Part 4: Through the Grape Vine
MPM Part 5: When Websites Collide


Wizard101 US
(1) Grand Prize: 5,000 Crowns, Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Viridian Scepter
(1) First Place: 1,000 Crowns, Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Viridian Scepter
(1) Second Place: Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Staff of the Imperator
(1) Third Place: Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Staff of the Imperator
(1) Fourth Place: FOG Staff
(1) Fifth Place: Warpwood Wand
(5) Runners Up: Dragonclaw Blade

Wizard101 UK
(1) Grand Prize: Exclusive Wizard101 UK InComm Card (5,000 crowns) with high quality card photo
(1) First Place: Gifted Remarkable Reagents Pack, 15 Mend Cards, 15 Steal Ward Cards, 15 Harvest Lord Cards
(1) Second Place: 10 Mend Cards, 10 Steal Ward Cards, 10 Harvest Lord Cards
(1) Third Place: 5 Mend Cards, 5 Steal Ward Cards
(1) Fourth Place: 5 Mend Cards
(1) Fifth Place: 5 Steal Ward Cards
(5) Runners Up: 2 Harvest Lord Cards

(1) Grand Prize: 10,000 Crowns
(1) First Place: 1,000 Crowns
(1) Second Place: Exclusive Ninja Pig Companion

Special Contest Notes: Wizard101 US Goldenbeak Swords are exclusive to and courtesy ofLegends of the Spiral and their WCAA program. Wizard101 US Dragonclaw Blades are exclusive to and courtesy of Duelist101. Wizard101 US Staff of the Imperator wands are exclusive to and courtesy of Ravenwood Radio. All codes are from outside sources and are guaranteed to the extent that those sources guarantee them. Several Wizard101 UK items must be given in-game; these items include, but are not limited to: Remarkable Reagents Pack, Mend Cards, Steal Ward Cards, Harvest Lord Cards. Pirate101 codes are from outside sources and are guaranteed to the extent that those sources guarantee them. Where you are an official fansite owner, you are exempt from participation, and attempted participation results in disqualification in all categories. That is, Wizard101 US official fansite owners may not enter the Wizard101 portion of the contest, and so on. Those who have copied or stolen from Swordroll's Blog are exempt from winning. Furthermore, Swordroll's Blog has the right to refuse service or prizes to and one user upon a valid conclusion that said user should be deemed ineligible for prizes or has not played fairly. I simply enter names into, I do not control the winner. Winners are selected by a single randomization, recorded and available by request. This selection is final. This contest begins at the time of posting, and will conclude before December is over - exact date to come. No extensions will be granted. Questions or concerns can be emailed to swordroll (at) gmail (dot) com.

Remember, you can still play Part 1 until the entire contest is over - several users are very close and should keep an eye out for completion emails in the coming day or two. Have fun, and thanks for reading! See you in the Spiral!


  1. Still didn't get an email from Daring Dave Hawkins. I guess he doesn't choose anybody to go to the next part of the contest no?

    1. First, your own lack of email would not suggest that he chose "no one."

      Second, I mentioned that players should be receiving more and more completion emails over the next few days. However, if you haven't actually completed Part 1, you may not be eligible. If you haven't received a response, that's probably a good sign that Dave has come to the conclusion that your intuition is sufficient, and that he'll send you the completion email in the next day or two.

  2. ugh where is part 2? 3 days and waiting. when is this contest over by the way?

    1. I apologize - I am still in the hospital. I appreciate your patience.

      This contest will run until all 5 parts are complete, and I may be forced to adjust for that.

  3. omg so sorry to hear you are in the hospital. i didn't know :( will keep you in my prayers

  4. What do you know about this whole ghost girl thing?

    1. I don't know much, other than the fact that I'll probably be doing a post on it. :)

  5. What do you want us to put in the email? Are we supposed to give the info daring dave gave us or something?

    1. After you receive your Part 1 certificate code, you can send me your character name, certificate code, and the game you wish to enter for. Don't worry if you forget something, I'll prompt you to add the information in.

      Then, I'll get you started on Part 2.

  6. I'm confused. I found both (?) pieces, but I didn't see a code word. Is there any more? If this comment is a spoiler in any way, please delete it.

    1. It's always key to follow the little, detailed instructions! :)

      I'd be interested to know more about what you found.


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