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Zeke's quest in Khrysalis for Part 1 requires tracking down the Khryckets, which are scattered across the world! Here's where to find all of the Khryckets so that you can grab your training point from Prospector Zeke in Khrysalis! There are six to locate in Zeke's quest "Oh Boy, Khryckets!."

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Prospector Zeke Quest

Once again, Prospector Zeke has beat our wizard to a new world and has a quest for us that awards a training point. You can find him in the Silent Market near the entrance to Tyrian Gorge and near the teleporters in the back. 

Bastion Khrycket

Search for this Khrycket in Bastion in the Mausoleum. You'll need to enter, then enter the instance to the left. Defeat two sets of enemies there and collect the Khrycket at the end.

Silent Market Khrycket

Search for this Khrycket in the Silent Market inside the War Room standing on some blocks. You do not need to fight the boss to get the Khrycket.

Moon Cliffs Khrycket

Search for this Khrycket in the Moon Cliffs along the inward-facing edge of the path outside a gate.

Last Wood Khrycket

Search for this Khrycket in the Last Wood in the Pepper Grass Nook. There's a Glass Shop you can enter where the Khrycket is hiding.

Tyrian Gorge Khrycket

Search for this Khrycket in Tyrian Gorge inside some of the cliff caves. Go right upon entering the zone from the Silent Market and follow the caves upward to find the Khrycket.

Fort Rachias Khrycket

Search for this Khrycket in Fort Rachias. It's on the lower level in a small enclosure.

Handing in the Quest

Once you've successfully located all of the Khryckets, you're ready to return to the Silent Market and hand in the quest to Prospector Zeke for your training point! Congratulations!

For completing Prospector Zeke's quest to find Khrysalis' Khryckets, you'll earn the "Khrysalis Explorer" badge!

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