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Zeke's quest in Wysteria requires tracking down the Wallflowers, which are scattered across the world! Here's where to find all of the Wallflowers so that you can grab your training point from Prospector Zeke in Wysteria! There are four to locate in Zeke's quest "The Wallflowers."

Prospector Zeke Quest

Once again, Prospector Zeke has beat our wizard to a new world and has a quest for us that awards a training point. You can find him in Pigswick Academy at the very end of the road, closest to Tanglewood Way. 

Pigswick Academy Wallflower

Search for this Wallflower in Pigswick Academy behind a column near the Wand Shop.

Pegasus Place Wallflower

Search for this Wallflower in Pegasus Place near the entrance to the Crystal Tower. It's between a building and the outer wall.

Tanglewood Way Wallflower

Search for this Wallflower in Tanglewood Way. It's opposite of the entrance to Lord Bramble's Tower on the wall between two buildings.

Library Archives Wallflower

Search for this Wallflower in the Library Archives. Enter the library from Pigswick Academy and enter the dungeon. Go to the second main room inside the Library Archives dungeon and look along the wall.

Handing in the Quest

Once you've successfully located all of the Wallflowers, you're ready to return to Pigswick Academy and hand in the quest to Prospector Zeke for your training point! Congratulations!

For completing Prospector Zeke's quest to find Wysteria's Wallflowers, you'll earn the "Wysteria Explorer" badge!

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Have you completed Wysteria's Zeke quest?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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