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Zeke's quest in Wintertusk requires tracking down the Troggs, which are scattered across the world! Here's where to find all of the Troggs so that you can grab your training point from Prospector Zeke in Wintertusk! There are six to locate in Zeke's quest "The Troggs."

Prospector Zeke Quest

Once again, Prospector Zeke has beat our wizard to a new world and has a quest for us that awards a training point. You can find him in Northguard near the boat to Wintertusk. Zeke in Northguard gives both the Grizzleheim and Wintertusk quests. 

Hrundle Fjord Trogg

Search for this Trogg in Hrundle Fjord just outside the entrance to Sudriland, to the right of the gate.

Austrilund Trogg

Search for this Trogg in Austrilund in the Boar Camp behind a tent.

Vestrilund Trogg

Search for this Trogg in Vestrilund. Go up the tree ramp to the elevated area and look behind a bush in the back.

Sudrilund Trogg

Search for this Trogg in Sudrilund in the very back of the zone along the cliff edge.

Nordrilund Trogg

Search for this Trogg in Nordrilund in Nordri's Lair. It's on the ice to the left once you enter.

Nastrond Trogg

Search for this Trogg in Nastrond in the final room of the dungeon next to the sleeping Ice Titan. You'll need to complete the entire dungeon to get this Trogg.

Handing in the Quest

Once you've successfully located all of the Troggs, you're ready to return to Northguard and hand in the quest to Prospector Zeke for your training point! Congratulations!

For completing Prospector Zeke's quest to find Wintertusk's Troggs, you'll earn the "Wintertusk Explorer" badge!

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Have you completed Wintertusk's Zeke quest?

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