Five Pirate101 Wishes for 2021

There's renewed hope for Pirate101 this coming year with the recent MGI acquisition. While future plans still seem to be up in the air, a pirate can dream! Here are five things I'd like to see in the game this year in 2021.

1. A New World, Obviously

Wishful thinking perhaps, but with the recent acquisition, I suppose it's a very tiny possibility. Regardless of its likelihood, I will certainly be including a new world in my list of wishes for Pirate101 in 2021. It's the number one ask and I would love to sail through new skyways in completely new zones with new art and adventures. There's so much potential.

Polaris seems to have been hinted at a lot, and I think it'd be something familiar and yet new for Wizard101 players. Pirate's Polaris would likely explore a very different side of the world and I can envision some pretty epic environments. Also on the list of places to go is Darkmoor, Grizzleheim, and Krokotopia, all of which were originally confirmed to appear in the game at some point by Blind Mew before KingsIsle's change in direction.

2. New Powers

One of the things that could help keep the game fresh without necessarily adding a bunch of new content is just new powers. When Pirate101 introduced some powerful new early-level companions, it really changed up the PvP meta, which is what a lot of the remaining active players of the game are up to these days. It could also make old battles more interesting. These could be awarded via a side quest or new secret trainer, but new powers for each class would definitely keep things interesting.

3. Additional Packs & Bundles

I'm going through my site and updating the pages of 40+ packs for Wizard101 and half that many bundles, and Pirate101 meanwhile has fewer than a half dozen bundles and all of 3 packs. We learned recently that Crowns make up a vast majority of KingsIsle's income, so give pirates something to spend them on! New packs with new companions, especially if they take the time to create some cool models and powers, could get people spending again. Plus, Pirate has had great houses and I'd love to see some new bundles with new homes.

4. Expanded Badge Info & Additional Badges

As I discussed in my Wizard101 2021 wishes post, badges need more details. Pirate101 is actually a step ahead of Wizard101 in this department in that its badges actually do have some descriptions. But some are rather vague. A Twitter user was reminiscing on my Spiral Theologan badge, which has the vague requirement of versing yourself in the religions of the Spiral. Uh, what? You might as well have given me no description at all.

Pirate101 could also use some additional badges. They could use this practice of awarding badges for defeating bosses ten different ways and apply it to Pirate101. Badges might include soloing Kane, for example.

5. Better Rotating PvP Rewards

Pirate101 originally had some super cool rewards for PvP. They even brought players who did not traditionally PvP into the arena to try and get them to use in PvE. Then, for some reason, they retired these rewards and started bringing in new gear with horrendous stats that doesn't even look particularly compelling. This meant only old-time PvPers had access to some of those ultra-powerful weapons and PvP players these days don't have many rewards to work toward. Bring back the old items, or introduce better, new options.

What would you like to see in Pirate101 this year?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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