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Zeke's quest in Khrysalis for Part 2 requires tracking down the Iron Butterflies, which are scattered across the world! Here's where to find all of the Iron Butterflies so that you can grab your training point from Prospector Zeke in Khrysalis! There are five to locate in Zeke's quest "Iron Butterflies."

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Prospector Zeke Quest

Once again, Prospector Zeke has beat our wizard to a new world and has a quest for us that awards a training point. You can find him in Sardonyx inside the wall of Troika Palace. 

Crescent Beach Butterfly

Search for this Iron Butterfly in Crescent Beach inside Skull Rock on a barrel.

Ruined Alcazar Butterfly

Search for this Iron Butterfly in the Ruined Alcazar. Take the portal in the center to Serpent Island and look behind the tower.

Sardonyx Butterfly

Search for this Iron Butterfly in Sardonyx outside Troika Palace on one of the railings.

Khonda Desert Butterfly

Search for this Iron Butterfly in Khonda Desert on a log in the same small area as the teleporter. It blends in, so look closely!

The Hive Butterfly

Search for this Iron Butterfly in the Hive in the very back past the Black Hole.

Handing in the Quest

Once you've successfully located all of the Iron Butterflies, you're ready to return to Sardonyx and hand in the quest to Prospector Zeke for your training point! Congratulations!

For completing Prospector Zeke's quest to find Khrysalis' Iron Butterflies, you'll earn the "Royal Entonomologist" badge!

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Have you completed Khrysalis' Zeke quest?

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