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This past year has been really exciting for Swordroll's Blog. There's been a lot of cool content and different types of posts. I tried some modeling and texture art with my Darkmoor Castle Block set, continued on with the second annual September Guest Post series, and more. Now, I'm wondering what you think.

I've put together a quick survey (5 minutes or less), and I'd appreciate it if you take just a little bit to let me know what's working for you on Swordroll's Blog and what could be improved.

The Blog

This year, posts have gotten more detailed than ever. It wasn't long ago that I was writing my Top 10 Deadliest Companions and realized I had put together a nearly 3,000-word post - that's a lot to read in one sitting! I ended up splitting it in two. That's just one example of how posts have improved over time.

As we move into the new year, I'm curious to know what kind of posts you like best and want to see more of. There are certain types of posts I will always do like pack reviews and bundle guides because I enjoy those a lot. Some others can fluctuate based on what people want, so those are the options included in the survey.

Pages & Features

There's a lot more to the blog than just posts! There are fun things to try out, downloads, a lot of guides, and some of my personal favorites - the Doubloon Database and Battleboard Builder. Some of these are currently undergoing some updates or have recently, and more updates are to follow in 2017. 

As these updates take place, I want them to be guided by what site users want to see. Also, don't be afraid to make suggestions or share input on new ideas you have.

Other Feedback

I'm definitely curious about what works well and what could be improved as a whole on the website. I'm also interested in hearing ideas for the future. There are three sections and eleven total questions on the survey. You can answer some or all of them, and you may choose to include your name or to omit it.

Thanks for taking the time to offer feedback! Have a safe and happy new year.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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