Top Ten Deadliest Companions (10-6)

We meet any number of crazy characters in the Pirate101 Spiral, but some are definitely deadlier than others. With over 150 different companions, there are plenty to choose from for your crew, but a few in particular are noteworthy fighters. Here's a look at the top ten.

#10 Sarah Steele

A Scrimshaw-born mouse fencer, Sarah Steele is often called "as dangerous as she is beautiful and graceful." This Swashbuckler was grew up with gangs of pirates and criminals, so it's no wonder she's a well-trained fighter and worthy companion for your crew. Associations with scoundrels have left her with an uncertain moral compass, but guidance by Morgan LaFitte and recruitment by budding young Swashbucklers has offered Sarah a chance to clear her name.

This Swashbuckler companion is initially recruited by Swashbucklers when confronting Ratbeard in the Tavern Cellar. She has promotion quests at level 15 and 37. By level 70, she's ready for battle on any Swashbuckler team. Sarah is equipped with many of the Swashbuckling basics, including Walk in Darkness, which allows her to hide for five rounds in addition to any hiding she may gain from Black Fog. She also gets Swashbuckler's Stab and Super Strike, two guaranteed hits that are great finishers or good for heavy initial damage. Shadowdance allows increased critical chance for 10 rounds, and her Alert ability to take only half damage from traps makes her all the more deadly. 

Without the ability to learn Relentless, Sarah relies on Blade Storm to chain from critical strikes and other hits. Her starting epic, Repel Boarders, can be a liability with hidden powers. The two combined prevent Sarah from climbing the ladder any further, but her rough-and-tumble background and range of abilities allow her to sneak onto the top ten list.

#9 Barnabus

Initially a leader of a pirating gang, Barnabus is assisting Ratbeard is his search for Gunn's treasure, but rising tensions lead to a severing of alliances. Despite being a sloth, Barnabus is quick in a fight, but in no hurry to renounce his more nefarious ways. It takes the joining of a Buccaneer pirate crew to drive him to seek training from Mordekai and begin to seek a better life.

This Buccaneer companion is recruited in place of Sarah Steele during the Ratbeard confrontation. He has promotion quests at level 15 and 37. By level 70, he can pack a powerful punch, but unlike Sarah Steele, also has heavy defenses to back himself up. 

Often a part of purely charge-based crews, Barnabus has Brutal Charge, Buccaneer Strike, and Mega Strike, making it easy not only for him to reach his targets, but also take them out. In addition to his offenses, he provides decent defense, too, with Triton's Song to prevent damage before charging, and Hold the Line and Turn the Tide 2 already trained. 

While he could pick up additional Hold the Line epics for defense, this companion also relies heavily on Blade Storm for chaining. Despite some slowness in beating down enemies, the initial damage from his three guaranteed hits paired with his defenses make this a companion you don't want to stick around for.

#8 Kobe Yojimbo

The youngest of five sons born to a mighty Samoorai, Kobe Yojimbo came from a family of wealth and power. When a group of assassins killed his entire family, he soon learned that his father had plotted to kill the Emperor. Kobe was shown mercy and spared, having no link to the plot, but his exile took a toll and he took to wandering the Spiral until he was captured in Valencia.

This Swashbuckler companion is recruited by Buccaneers at level 1 when they escape Kane's ship during the tutorial. Kobe has promotion quests at level 13 and 46. By level 70, he can consistently offer an effective melee offense. He is one of few companions to have two very powerful guaranteed critical hits in addition to some of the most effective chaining epics. He is most commonly trained with some combination of Relentless, Riposte, First Strike, and Blade Storm. 

While he isn't the sturdiest of companions, Kobe is able to provide consistent damage even in longer fights. His two initial critical strikes make it easy to take out early aggressors, and his epics allow for guaranteed chains afterwards, and likely chains from that point forward. His checkered past, intense training, and combination of abilities earn him the number eight spot.

#7 El Toro

With one of the most visible stories of any companion, El Toro is heavily integrated into the pirate's journey. A self-absorbed crime fight in Cool Ranch, El Toro is actually wealthy townsperson Don Rodrigo, a "humble landowner." Consumed with a forbidden love for Mustang Sally, El Toro was only drawn out by talk of Captain Blood's return.

This Swashbuckler companion is recruited by all classes after rescuing Mustang Sally. He has a promotion quest at level 40. El Toro is another good mix of abilities and epics. In addition to Jump and Alert, which really allow for unrestricted movement, El Toro has a series of powerful epic abilities and Espirit de Corps, which increases the team's accuracy and dodge by 25% for five rounds. In a battle where accuracy and dodge numbers are typically very close, this can make a big difference. 

El Toro oftentimes seems to land huge chains and do lots of burst damage, but he is one of the more fragile companions. While Hawkules gives his big head a run for it's money, El Toro still has plenty to learn, leaving him at number seven on the list.

#6 Bonnie Anne

After fighting for the revolution in Albion Skyway in Marleybone, Bonnie abandoned her post after fellow fox fights became too radical, leaving her family behind. In an effort to escape her past, she arrived at the pirate haven Skull Island, where Captain Avery quickly gave her a job. Bonnie is a loyal and kind companion, overseeing even the pirate's actions in their journey across the Spiral.

This Musketeer companion is recruited by all classes shortly after completion of the tutorial. She has promotion quests as level 8, 31, and 57. Bonnie has an impressive collection of both powers and epics that allow for powerful chains. She's got Burst Fire and Overwatch such that accuracy of incoming enemies can be reduced. She has an impressive attack range that does not require approaching an enemy. 

Bonnie also has a heal, a Scatterblast abiltiy for reducing dodge, and can use Double Tap excessively without the need to be next to multiple enemies, making her a complete machine in battle. 

One of Bonnie's only drawbacks is the usual fragility of a Musketeer companion, though she is tougher than a lot of Swashbuckler companions. Her heal has an infinite range, so that's no concern. Bonnie's dedication, willpower, and epics put her at number six on the list.

Who are your top companions? 

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Benjamin for allowing me to take pictures of a couple of his companions.

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