Top Ten Deadliest Companions (5-1)

We meet any number of crazy characters in the Pirate101 Spiral, but some are definitely deadlier than others. With over 150 different companions, there are plenty to choose from for your crew, but a few in particular are noteworthy fighters. Here's a look at the top ten.

#5 Chantal Livingstone

After falling in love with sparkshooters, Chantal followed Ol' Fish Eye to Avery's Court to learn more about the tricks of the trade, having been raised by one of the flamingo tribes living inland in Skull Island. She formerly served as a marine in Port Regal Skyway and then as a gunner's mate in Schrimshaw, but her work never took her out of Skull Island, leaving a longing for more.  

This Musketeer companion is recruited by pirates of the same class the level four. She has promotions available for purchase at level 17 and 49. Part of what makes Chantal so powerful is all of the abilities she has. Cloud Spirit can power up a Musketeer team effectively. Two Sniper Shots work great as finishers when pirates are on the run, to bait out Bonnie's heal and other protections early, or to take out a companion before it can reach you. She then has Super Strike for extra damage at closer range, though her range reaches as far as Bonnie's.

She's also prepped with Overwatch 1 and is often trained with 3 to reduce accuracy. In addition to being able to train Burst Fire, she comes with the added bonus of Pirate 3, providing extra damage and accuracy when on the opposite side of the board. Anyone who has encountered Chantal knows just how deadly she can be.

#4 Goronado

The son of a stonemason, Gortez was born into relative obscurity. He ran away from home at an early age and became a mercenary, earning fame and fortune by word of his incredible feats. After following the Monquistans into the jungle in the Isle of Doom, he became convinced that he himself was The Golden Monkey, a supreme being meant to rule the monkeys. Goronado is the companion version of Gortez.

This Buccaneer companion is available to all pirates after defeating Gortez 25 times. He has a promotion available for purchase at level 30. Gortez, like most Buccaneers, is a sturdy companion that can take some damage. Part of what makes him so powerful is his Vicious Charge ability. He is one of few companions non-Buccaneers can have with the power. By level 70, he also gets Turn the Tide 2, Jump, and starts with Blade Storm 1, a great combo power for Relentless and other epics he can train. While he doesn't chain as often as other companions, combing these abilities with his Gorilla Warfare power, which hits all adjacent enemies, Goronado can really pack a punch. 

He is especially dangerous in Swashbuckler and Buccaneer teams, in which he may be hidden before charging or using his AoE, or rushed in with other Buccaneer companions for early and overwhelming damage. This gorilla's power makes him number four on the list.

#3 Fan Flanders

Born on a small farm on Webston's Island in Marleybone, Fan was raised on a farm but later moved to Cramshire. She grew up in the slums of Frogbottom. After her parents were thrown in jail, the only way Fan could provide for herself and her sisters was thievery, and she was eventually led to Skull Island where she picked up piracy aboard the ship of new Swashbucklers.

This Swashbuckler companion is available to pirates of the same class at level four. She has promotions available for purchase at level 17 and 49. Fan comes with a lot of extra abilities that make her all the more deadly - Alert (taking half damage from traps), Jump, and Pirate 3. These in addition to her Cloud Spirit, Grand Shadowdance, and Super Strike powers, allow for a diverse range of actions and combos.

She starts with Flanking 1, but can train Relentless and many of the core melee epics, making her easily as combo-friendly as companions like El Toro, but with added powers. 

Fan also seems to have unnaturally high damage output. While she may be somewhat fragile, updates allowing Swashbucklers companions to train Tough have helped, and she hits harder than most. Fan is particularly deadly when hidden by Black Fog.

#2 Peter Quint

Among the first of the pelicans to settle in Jonah Town, Peter joined the ranks of the wealthiest pelican families in Skull Island. After the Frogfather and his gang moved into Gullet, his luck went south, and Peter pursued alternative ways of earning a living, namely, bounty hunting. Seeking glory, he found Mordekai and hoped to meet a pirate whose crew he might join.

This Buccaneer companion is available to pirates of the same class at level four. He has promotions available for purchase at level 17 and 49. Peter is deadly for many of the same reasons as other Buccaneer companions. He has Brutal Charge and Super Strike for burst damage. He's got Whale's Might to effectively power up a Buccaneer team. He comes with Turn the Tide 2 and Pirate 3, which is particularly helpful for Buccaneer companions that charge across the board. Think about it, a quick Whale's Might following by a Brutal Charge that halves accuracy for five rounds on a target, followed by a Super Strike the following round, all with one of the best chaining abilities of any companion and all with 25% bonus damage and 50% bonus accuracy from Pirate 3.

Peter, unlike some of the other level 4 starter companions, comes with Relentless 1, which every pirate would be training anyway, so that's a bonus for him. Additional ranks of Relentless and Blade Storm are to be expected, with the potential for Vengeance Strike or Cheap Shot added in. Peter hits hard and fast, making him number two on the list. 

#1 Nausica

Relatively little is known about the powerful Lady Centaur Nausica. Originally from Aquila, Nausica is considered Centaur royalty, climbing in ranks as she is promoted. This companion is ready for battle in any pirate's crew, and is a master of the bow and arrow used by the Centaurs of Aquila.

This Musketeer companion is available to any class through the Empire Bundle. She has promotions available for purchase at levels 25 and 45. Nausica has just about everything going for her. For one, she has the longest movement range of any companion.

Besides being able to deal accurate damage from a decent range as a Musketeer, she is also a sturdy companion capable of withstanding some damage. She has an impressive selection of epics designed to maximize damage against any unit, but is particularly powerful against Musketeer units, of which there are many. 

In addition to her crazy range, capacity to survive attacks, damage output, and epics, she also includes a charge power that allows her to bring all of the rushing power of a Buccaneer, and follow her charge even better than other Buccaneer companions with three guaranteed critical hits for which she need not be in hitting range; they allow her to simply move next to the unit and attack, an envied ability among Musketeers. 

Who are your top companions?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Benjamin for allowing me to take pictures of a couple of his companions.

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