Top Five Must-Have Wizard101 Mirage Drops

Wizard101 Mirage Best Gear Drops

Mirage doesn't have quite as many noteworthy drops as usual, but there are definitely some things you should pick up while you're there. The good news is that you'll likely get some of these without even trying, and others will provide you with additional end-game content once you're finished with the world. Here are the top five drops you need from Wizard101's newest world - Mirage!

#5 Spear Gems

Drops from: Grandfather Spider

Wizard101 Mirage Best Gear DropsJewels offer the opportunity for true gear diversity, and these new gems are one more chance to make your set unique. The final four bosses of Mirage span quite a significant difficulty range, so fortunately, you can choose which one you want to farm for these. I recommended Bort Shadowmane. 

These spear gems aren't necessarily my first choice over double blades or may cast auras, but they are useful, especially as we get into worlds where there are more and more enemies casting shields, and plenty of resistance to go around. The spear card is a great addition to your personal attack set, but also to a support set.

The jewels come not only in single forms, but also in the form of Spirit Spear and Elemental Spear. The carda are 6% for triple blades and 12% for single blades, 1 and 2% higher than their originals respectively.

It is possible that these are dropped from the other final bosses, but unconfirmed.

#4 Dark Empower Amulets

Drops from: Shadowbones, Bort Shadowmane, Shadowwock, Grandfather Spider

Wizard101 Mirage Best Gear DropsDark Empower Amulets are new gear pieces that provide the spell Dark Empower, which coverts one of your shadow pips into a power pip and a regular pip. It cost zero pips and one shadow pip to cast (the one you convert). 

The stats are not stellar, and I wouldn't recommend this for those going into PvP, especially 1v1. However, for support players, this could be very helpful. If you're not hitting, your shadow pips are simply a waste. There's no support mechanism that uses them, which makes Dark Empower useful. It's like Donate Power, except it's free in pip cost and instead eats a shadow pip. This can speed up existing strategies no matter how fast they currently are. 

The amulet also provides some stun resistance and pip conversion, two stats that are slowly becomming more common and more useful.

#3 Sands of Time Gear

Drops from: Shadowbones, Bort Shadowmane, Shadowwock, Grandfather Spider

Wizard101 Mirage Best Gear DropsThe Sands of Time gear, much like that from the Jeweled Slopes and Horizon Hold in Polaris, doesn't have outstanding stats. If you were farming for any of the stats, it'd probably be to replace your Rasputin boots, which are a variable offensive option currently, though not superior to from both Darkmoor and some Ultra Gauntlets.

What's you're going for here is the appearance. The gear dropped in the last four instances has a unique look to it, and it's a great addition to your collection or a rare part of an outfit. It'll help you stand out among other wizards, especially because this gear is something you'll most likely have to farm for.

The wand is also worth getting. If nothing else, you might use this sword-looking wand as your new weapon of choice. All of these gear pieces come in universal and school-specific forms. 

Duelist101 has a useful guide for these gear drops HERE.

#2 Boss Pets

Drops from: Admiral Bontau, Cyphurr, Endurzaga, Cobraxas, Babbling Meints
Wizard101 Mirage Best Gear DropsThis was a really clever trend KingsIsle started in Polaris and continued in Mirage. There are five roaming bosses that are not required for the storyline or related to any quest. Each of them cheats and has a pet that assists. You can farm these bosses with others to try and receive their pets as a drop. 

While the pets are generally re-textured versions of old ones, some end up looking pretty cool. And if Polaris was any indication, there may be one or two new talents to discover. You can receive the following pets from the following bosses:

  • Desert Hawk from Admiral Bontau (Alkali Barrows)
  • Dusty Grimoire from Cyphurr (Caterwaul Canyons)
  • Cave Chameleon from Endurzaga (Rubal Wastes)
  • Viper in a Jar from Cobraxas (Instanboa)
  • GobblerBall from Babbling Meints (Caterwaul Canyons) 

Erin has a useful guide to these pets HERE.

#1 Macaw Pet

Drops from: Dumoozoid, Doctor Yooh, Others
Wizard101 Mirage Best Gear DropsWhile the most common drop on the list, it's also one of the most interesting. The Macaw pet is a unique bird dropped from a variety of sources in Mirage. Usually, the bosses you have to fight are either particularly tough or require multiple fights. If you haven't gotten at least one of these by the time you finish Mirage, I'd be surprised. However, if you're luck isn't so great and you're not into farming, you can always hatch for this guy.

If you're looking to double up on drop potential, pay a visit to Endurzaga, Cobraxas, or Shadowbones, who also drop other items on this list in addition to the Macaw. My guess is that most of the bosses do.

For a list of known drop sources for the Macaw, look HERE

What will you be farming for in Mirage?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Happy Fun Ball for the jewel information and to Brimstone Connor for the gear image.

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