New Year Blog Update Notes

Been wanting to compare pack reviews? Looking for all of the latest fishing badges? Wanting some new post guides? I've been doing some updates and there's lots of new content to check out!

A lot of these updates are one-liners, but some contain a significant amount of new content. I encourage you to give these a look. I wanted to make you aware of what's new, especially because there are some new pages.

New & Recent Content

  • All pack reviews now link to each other in a "Compare To" section | See example
  • As it has become standard practice to review packs and provide information on new bundles, I have created a page with all bundles and a page with all packs | See all packs | See all bundles
    • Over the course of the next several months, I intend to review these past items
    • These pages have been published as posts and can be accessed any time through the regular feed or through the Guides page

Posts & Guides

Site Pages

  • The Guides site page has been updated with additional post links | See Guides
  • Site on the Community page have been updated | See Community
    • Some new links have been added, and other outdated links have been removed
    • Remember we are always accepting submissions!
  • Some formatting errors on the Pirate101 hybrid guide have been corrected | See hybrid guide
    • Outdated links to this page have been updated
  • Battleboard Builder compatibility issues between Chrome and Firefox have been corrected
  • Blog links on the sidebar have been updated
  • The "Read More" button on posts has been updated

Doubloon Database

  • Many new additions to the database have been made
  • Some formatting corrections have been made
  • A progress bar showing overall completion progress has been added to the main page
  • The missing sub-nav bar with links to the Doubloon Homepage, Help Pages, Sort by Type, and Submissions has been restored | See Doubloon Database

Upcoming Content

  • Beginning soon, a one-week series on the best gear sets for each school at level 120 will begin to kick off the new year! This has been a long work in progress, and I'm excited to be sharing information on what so many wizards are asking about.

I'm looking forward to a new year! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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