Wizard101 Ghulture's Hoard Pack Review

If you're looking to decorate a Mirage-themed house or for that extra edge in battle, the Ghulture's Hoard Pack has some items you'll want to pay attention to. From schools-specific mounts with damage bonuses to massive tents and columns for your homes, this latest pack is one worth checking out.

Ghulture's Hoard Pack: What's Inside

The pack contains a variety of Mirage-themed items, with emphasis on new furniture and NPCs as filler items between new gear and weapons alongside seven new mounts!

School Ghulture Mounts & Wyrm Pets

One of the unique things that immediately stands out about the Ghulture's Hoard Pack is the fact that it offers not one epic mount, but seven. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, it would seem that you're more likely to get a mount with seven rather than one. On the other, it also means you're much less likely to get your school's mount. 

Each mount is colored according to school and gives the usual 40% speed bonus in addition to 3% damage depending on the school, except for the Balance mount, which gives 2% universal damage.

Besides new mounts, there are also new pets! Two pets have been dropped from the pack: the Sand Worm Larva and Dark Worm Larva. So far, no new talents have been discovered on these pets, but they're pretty unique and fit the Mirage theme well.

Mount & Pet Grade: B+
The community rates these items as:
Great 36% | Good 23% | Average 27% | Poor 14%

Ancient Purzzian Gear & Scimitars

This pack contains three new sets of gear. The most notable gear from packs is almost always wands. We're getting impressive new wands with each update. What we see, though, is that in recent updates, some gear structure has changed and older gear remains the "best" option for a long period of time. It happened with Waterworks, then Malistaire gear, and may be happening again with wands. The pip conservation is again overplayed in importance, but the damage is good.

The hats offer a little bit of stun resistance, but focus on damage and piercing. The incredible amounts of damage, in fact, may draw wizards in to these items, but they are somewhat lacking in other areas. In particular, their critical doesn't stack up to some of the other options available out there.

It is really interesting to look at the robes, which do not come in different school versions like all of the other items, but simply shuffle some stats around between the three. They are heavy on defenses, with a few offensive bonuses. Unfortunately, this makes it tough to work them into either an offensive build without damage or a defensive build, as they're outdone by some past pack gear.

The boots are probably the most notable items in the pack, offering extremely high damage along with 12% resistance. There are three versions with different schools on each. The resistance and damage vary slightly based on school.

Mount & Pet Grade: C+
The community rates these items as:
Great 5% | Good 32% | Average 27% | Poor 36%

New Mirage Furniture & NPCs

One of the highlights of this new pack is some of the furniture items available in it. Some seem to use totally new textures and while many are recognizable from Mirage, others look like completely new models. I've been pretty impressed with what's showed up.

Besides just furniture, there are new Mirage NPCs to place in your home. Some are similar to what can be purchased from Mirage vendors, but many are new and perfect for the Nomad's Camp or any other home that needs a touch of Mirage.

Other Items Grade: B
The community rates these items as:
 Great 13% | Good 39% | Average 26% | Poor 22%

Pack Analysis

As usual, this pack is full of extras including treasure cards, reagents, pet snacks, and even a lot of extra older pets. In addition, you can find socket wrenches and some jewels, though the jewels are only level 15+, making them essentially useless to top-level wizards.

Click to enlarge pack-opening samples

The nice thing about this pack is that you're nearly always scoring multiple new items with each pack, but you should also expect some packs that are busting at the seams with filler items. It would be nice if some of these filler items were more usable. Maybe rarer reagents, better snacks, and level-scaling jewels.

The Verdict

This is one pack that everybody should try. There are a lot of impressive furniture items and some decent gear pieces, especially if you haven't been able to snag some of the top-tier gear in other packs or around the Spiral.

Overall Pack Grade: B
The community rates this pack as:
 Great 18% Good 37% | Average 26% | Poor 19%

Compare to:
Winter Wonder Pack (B+) | Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack (A) | Immortal's Lore Pack (C+)Witch's Hoard Pack (B-) | Road Warrior's Hoard Pack (A) | Terror's Hoard Pack (A-) | Harrowing Hoard Pack (B-)

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Daniel SummerWraith for showing me some of his gear! Thanks to Keena NightHunter for the Ancient Purzzian Combat Mask!

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